Friday, August 17, 2007

Unity '08

This is going to be a little bit of a different post. I am not going to try and convince you of anything. Instead, I am asking my readers to investigate something, and give me their feedback.

A few days ago I got an email from a group called Unity 08. This group is working to get a third party ticket nominated and on the 2008 Presidential ballot. At this point they don’t have any specific issues or solutions they are running on. Instead, they are hoping to nominate a Republican and a Democrat to run (one for President and one for Vice-President).

They have decided that the two party system no longer provides us with the best candidates. Unity 08 believes that the Republican and Democratic ticket will be dominated by the extreme right and left. By nominating one member of each ticket, they hope to have a very center ticket.

The email provided me with a link to fill out an online survey. If you don’t visit the site, I do recommend the survey. I thought it was very interesting, and made me look at a few things in a different light. However, be warned. The survey says it takes about 10 minutes. I believe I spent closer to 25 or 30 minutes on it.

In addition to the two party ticket, they are accepting nominations for delegates. If you think this is the ticket for you, you can submit your information online to be one of their delegates. The delegates will discuss what issues will be critical to the Unity 08 ticket in the spring of 08. This “nominating convention” will be held online. After the convention, they are doing a secure sign in that will allow you to vote on the ticket. Again, this is done online. One thing I do like is how they are taking this to the 21st century. They say on their site that they have hired a legal team, and are complying with all Federal Election laws.

My knee jerk reaction is to be against this. I believe you create a ticket, or a movement. by having some driving ideal or solution. I think leaving the entire definition of the “party” up to random voters will make it hard for many people to become passionate about the ticket. The only way to defeat a Republican or a Democratic ticket is by being passionate about what you believe in.

I think this is a very interesting idea. It would be very hard to vote for a ticket I didn’t believe in. However, I am interested in how the debate of the issues might go. I would encourage everyone to check this group out. They seem to be serious. Of course, this could be a clever ruse by a third party candidate to try to build momentum. Anyway, if you check it out, let me know what you think of the group or the survey. And I promise my next post will be back to arguing one side or another of an important point.


Brandon said...

Andy: If Unity '08 is a ruse, it's a very good one that's fooled Newsweek among others. Right now, the survey that you took is being used to determine what the platform's message will be, I would expect that Unity '08 will come out with its' campaign planks sometime later this year or early next year. I signed up as a delegate on the site, I don't know if the site will have any impact at all, but it should be an interesting ride.

familyman said...

Boy, I don't know. I think the Party system itself sucks. The party system just gets in the way of anything getting accomplished in D.C. I don't know if adding another party to the mix will do anything to fix it. I'd rather see a move towards more independent candidates. Presidential and congressional. Not realistic I know.

Andy D said...

I don't really think Unity 08 will work. I do think it might get people more involved with politics. I am still looking for others opinions on Unity 08. And thanks Brandon and Family.