Monday, August 20, 2007

New Details in the Newark Executions

Last week I posted on politics.wikia about the executions of three teenagers in Newark, New Jersey. For the most part, details have been very sketchy in the main stream media, while the blogosphere has been hoping mad. The more information that comes out, the more outraged I am about this.

Iofemi Hightower, Dashon Harvey, Terrance Aeriel, and Natasha Aeriel were ordered to kneel down in front of a wall and were then each shot in the head. Natasha Aeriel is the only one who has survived the attack. There are some conflicting reports, but it appears authorities have arrested five individuals, two adults and three minors. The two adults, Jose Carranza and Rodolfo Godinez, are both foreign nationals with criminal records. Carranza has been confirmed as an illegal immigrate, there is some question as to whether Godinez was in the country legally or not.

Carranza has been indicted twice this year. He was indicted in April on aggravated assault charges. In July he was indicted, "…on 31 counts which included aggravated sexual assault of a child under 13 years old and endangering the welfare of a child he had a duty to supervise" [emphasis mine]. The sexual assault began when the girl was five years old and continued over the next four years. He should never have been allowed back on the streets as a normal citizen with these kinds of charges. However, being an illegal immigrant, with no ties to this country, he shouldn't have been given the chance to shoot four kids in the back of the head.

Authorities believe Godinez was preparing to flee to Mexico and then El Salvador in order to avoid being arrested for the murders in Newark. Records indicate that he may have been in the country illegally as well. Godinez was ordered deported in 1993 and there is no record he ever left the country. Two of the youth's arrested in the case, one of which was Godinez's brother, had recently started bragging that they were members of the gang MS-13. The house Godinez was arrested in also netted 10 other illegal immigrants during the arrest.

While the media doesn't seem to be covering this story, it is an outrage that Carranza and Godinez were even on the streets able to carry out this crime. Newark's status as a "sanctuary city" has contributed to this crime as well. When a city stops enforcing certain laws, people like Carranza, Godinez, and the members of MS-13 will start ignoring all of the laws. If illegal immigrants are arrested for violent crimes, they should be held without bail until their court date. In addition, "Sanctuary Cities" should be held accountable for violating the law. In addition to loosing federal funds, the city officials that decide on the "sanctuary" status should be tried the same as the criminals. In the murders of Iofemi Hightower, Dashon Harvey, and Terrance Aeriel, Newark officials helped put Carranza and Godinez there that night. The failure of Newark and other officials to deport illegal immigrants that break the law contributed to the death of these three teenagers.


Kram said...

Andy, I agree with you on how outrageous it is that something like this happened. These murders could have easily been prevented had those involved in our justice system not failed us.

I find it even more outrageous that the mainstream media is not reporting all the facts on this tragic event. It's really a shame that their liberal agenda is more important than the lives of the murdered children. I'm not sure why the media is trying to make a Democrat vs. Republican issue out of immigration, it's an American issue, as shown by the executions in Newark.

Paul B. said...

The fact is that news like this, is just not shocking enough anymore for mainstream American media. I am not a US citizen but visit often on business and find news channels and media amusing with their coverage of car chases and shoot outs. Its every stereotypical view of the US that world holds. The real issues are always buried deep if at all. Everything has to be a soundbite or visual snippet and executions like this whilst would have made major headlines in any European city, yet fail to make the grade in the US. Its not that the US is more violent (although it probably is) its just different levels of media reporting. Different levels of tolerance in society.

News media in the US has become too slick and too ratings driven instead of reporting the actual news.

Its nigh on impossible to stop events like these murders from happening no matter what the background of the suspects involved, there are too many people in the system and not enough watchers. Democracy will always ensure that people like this can offend and re-offend at will. Its the same the world over.

Andy D said...

Paul, while it may be difficult to stop murders like these, this specific crime could have easily been prevented. Both of the adults who are accused of this crime have criminal records and are illegal aliens. If they had been held in jail to await their trial date, they wouldn't have been on the streets to commit these crimes. If Newark had enforced the law, instead of deciding it didn't need to, these three might still be alive.