Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am an Angry White Man.

This is not the blog post I intended to write tonight. It isn't even my original idea.


I have been working on a book review that isn't going the way I wanted. I was planning on posting that tonight. If I just couldn't get that written, I thought I might write about Nancy Pelosi's failure to pass a FISA bill. A 500 word post is always easy if you think about Nancy Pelosi for about a minute and a half.


However, Fate had a different idea. Today at work I was catching up on my Rush Limbaugh podcasts. I was listening to his show from last Tuesday when he began talking about an article from Gary Hubbell in The Aspen Times. In his article, Mr. Hubbell sets about to discuss the group that will most likely decide this election: The Angry White Man. As Rush began to read the article, a tuning fork was struck for me. I believe there are events or messages we receive that resonate deep within us. These messages I call tuning forks. I know it isn't very original, but it is the only way I know to talk about it. As Rush read Mr. Hubbell's description of the Angry White Man, I thought more and more that he was describing me.


I am not going to tell you that I match every single category on the list. However, I do recognize a lot of the traits in myself, and I admire the people who have the traits I don't have from this list. I encourage everyone who is reading this to go read Mr. Hubbell's article. I know at least 5 or 6 regular readers from this site that fit this list as well. I am sure there are more, and I suspect a few of the lady readers even identify with this message.


Those of you who think Hillary Clinton should get elected because she will take care of our Health care needs should read the article. If you believe Obama is the coming Messiah, please read the article. Sit back for a minute and think about the person Mr. Hubbell is describing. As of the posting of this blog, there were 933 comments to the article. Some of them were angry, some were not. I decided to add number 934 to the list with a very simple response:


"Amen, Brother."



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Conservatives to McCain: Told You So!

The New York Times ran a story in their print edition this morning that has been in the works since at least November of last year. The writers for the New York Times hint that McCain may have had an affair eight years ago. They never come out and say it directly, and they never discuss any evidence (unless you count unnamed sources). Even worse, the not-really-alleged affair was with a lobbyist. The article is a very long one, and dredges back up many of the embarrassing moments McCain has had in his Senate career going back to the Keating Five Scandal. The article has done two very important things: embarrass the Times, and send a shot across McCain's bow.


McCain has said he is very disappointed with the article. I have to agree with him. Even given the low standard I hold the Times to, it reads more like an article you would expect in one of the supermarket tabloids. There is gossip that is confirmed by "two unnamed sources", and hints of a sex scandal in McCain's camp. Of course, the Times never actually says there was anything improper, thereby carefully avoiding a lawsuit. If you have the endurance to read the entire article, you will find there is very little meat to this story. Other news agencies are now attacking the Times for running the story at all. The New Republic says that the most incredible thing about the article is, "…that it appeared in the paper at all." There seems to be a small firefight going on between a few news agencies on this. I can only hope that this firefight grows and consumes as many of these publications as it can.


The second lesson was for McCain and is something conservatives have been warning him about for a long time. Simply put, no matter how liberal I think McCain is, the mainstream media still sees that (R) by his name. They will talk about his "maverick" tendencies, his positions on global warming, Gitmo, torture, and free speech. At the end of the day, he is still running as a Republican, and to most of the media, that means he is one of the bad guys. Conservatives and most Republicans know what that means. It is only a matter of time before the media he has been buddies with for so long starts turning on him. Today appears to be the first shot. Even with Hillary and Obama at each other's throats, McCain can expect more of these attacks. Heaven help him if any of it turns out to be true.


Of course, I don't think there would have been any articles about extramarital affairs with a Romney candidacy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Keep Earmarks from Berkeley

"I've been working with Code Pink, and I believe in their cause and I believe that what they're doing is the right thing, they are bringing maximum pressure to bear on the whole question of the Marines being in Berkeley, they don't belong here, they shouldn't have come here and they should leave."


If you read this quote from Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, you might be under the impression that Karl Rove took over the military and has ordered the military to capture this poor, defenseless town. You might even believe that Mayor Bates would be open and honest about his feelings towards the military.


You would be wrong on both counts.


It seems that the City Council of Berkeley, California recently passed a resolution that has many outraged. In it, they call on the Marine Corps to leave their recruiting office in town. If the Marines refuse to listen to the City Council, they will be considered, "…uninvited and unwelcome intruders."


Just in case the Marine Corp didn't catch the hint, the City Council next gave a parking spot to Code Pink in front of the recruiting station, a matching noise permit, and the thanks of the Council for Code Pink's work to, "…impede, passively or actively," the activity of the Marines. While the Marines have a long history of fighting and dying for the United States, Code Pink has a history of donating aide to the families of Islamic terrorist (to the tune of an estimated $600,000). My wife points out that the Marine Corps probably doesn't want a recruiting station where they aren't wanted. If the City of Berkeley truly wants the Marines gone, maybe they should just buy out their lease on the property she suggests. Sanity appears to be in short supply in Berkeley.


As these resolutions gained press coverage and outrage (and the City Council claimed they were misunderstood) some began taking matters into their own hands. Sen. DeMint (R-SC) has purposed withdrawing recent federal money from Berkeley. He points out, "I do not believe a city that has turned its back on our country's finest deserves $2 million worth of pork-barrel projects." A portion of the $2 million was originally to go to Chez Panisse restaurant to design school meals that promote "environmental harmony". (My wife asks where the "environmental harmony" appears when insulting the military.) Instead of the standard school lunches, students would get "Comte cheese soufflĂ© with mache salad". Perhaps the Marines could leave their MRE's for the students…


A California Assemblyman is pushing to withhold state transportation funds from the city. Others have sent emails to the city council blasting their decision. Move America Forward is collecting signatures condemning the actions of Berkeley's City Council.


Catherine Moy reports that the "anti-war anarchists" have shown themselves to be as reprehensible as the city council. At protest last week by pro-troop and pro-Marine groups, the anarchists tried to provoke people into fights. One person reported that the anti-war groups were made up of "…an assortment of old hippies dressed in pink," and high school kids dressed in orange and black. The high school students were brought to the protest by their teachers.


The City of Berkeley is within its rights to criticize anyone, including the Honorable men and women of the Marine Corps. However, my tax money shouldn't go to fund their arrogance. In the words of Jim DeMint:


"Actions have consequences. When the Berkeley City Council decided to insult the Marines in a time of war, it was a $2 million decision. Especially in a time of war, we cannot allow cities to just play insulting games at our troops' expense while continuing to shower those cities with congressional favors."

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quick Notes – Presidential Politics and Others…

Welcome to another edition of Quick Notes. I am enjoying the "Quick Notes" part of this blog more and more. I find many of you like to comment on the items I probably wouldn't have written a full post about. Keeping that in mind, here are three more topics for your review:

Mitt Romney. Mitt has released his delegates and now endorses McCain. I hate to hear this for a few reasons. First, I am still undecided with regards to McCain. Romney is trying to do the best thing for his party, and what he believes is the best thing for his country. Second, I just started Hugh Hewitt's A Mormon in the White House, and I am pretty sure that Romney won't be our nominee even at a brokered convention this time around. However, keep an eye on him. If he takes the right job between now and 2012, he might be a very strong candidate in the next race. I will be watching him…

The Clintons. While discussing politics the other day with my wife, an odd thought occurred to me. Chelsea Clinton is 29 years old. If her mom should win this election, and become a two term president, guess who is constitutionally eligible to run in the election after that. You got it. We could have 24 years of Clintons instead of 16.

In Other News… The Washington Post has reported that a "long range Russian bomber" buzzed the U.S.S Nimitz. A second bomber circled 50 miles away. The Nimitz scrambled fighters to intercept the Russian bombers. This is one more thing to keep in mind when picking a presidential candidate this season. One more thing to remind us that the Presidential Race isn't the only thing going on in the world.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New “Quick Notes”

Welcome to a new edition of "Quick Notes". Once again I thought I would share a few stray thoughts.


The Presidential Race. There have been many developments on the Presidential front this week. With Romney dropping out (but not releasing his delegates), I am in the position of not supporting any of the candidates seeking the Presidency at this time. This is going to force me to really look at all of the candidates. I don't like many of the policies from McCain, Obama, or Clinton. I also don't like the thought of not voting for President. I will be doing some real soul searching on here over the coming months. I encourage you to help me discuss these candidates. Maybe we can figure out who the best President is together.


Georgia vs. Tennessee. I resist talking about state politics on here because I don't believe it will have any appeal to most of my audience. However, this story may give everyone a small smile after following the Presidential Race. It seems Georgia wants to redraw its boundary with Tennessee to get access to some of the water in the "demilitarized zone". While many in the Tennessee House got a good laugh out of this, I must admit I was a little embarrassed. Didn't my home state look bad enough going to Huckabee last week?


Iran and Iraq. Both countries are still in the news, though many haven't noticed while Obama, Clinton, McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Edwards have been going at it. Things continue to improve in both Iraq and Afghanistan (though we still have a way to go). Iran is continuing to pursue nuclear technology. These three countries will continue to be issues into the next Presidents term. I hope to explore how each of these candidates looks at these foreign nations.


My Book List. On a personal note, I am trying an experiment this year. I am tracking what books I read over the course of the year. At this point, I am up to five. Three of them have been from the reading list I posted a few weeks back. I finished The Great Bridge, Iron Kissed, and Showdown. I posted a link to the Amazon.com entry for each of them in the original post. I am not sure the books would make a good post for this site. However, if you are interested in any of them, I would be happy to give you my take on them.


That completes this issue of "Quick Notes". I hope you enjoyed it!



Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday: Lessons Learned

I apologize ahead of time is this post becomes a little disjointed. I am writing this a little after 12 AM after watching as much Super Tuesday coverage as I can take. However, I think a few important points can be taken from today:

  1. Things are as confusing in both parties now as they were on Monday. On the Democratic side, Obama has picked up four or five more states than Hillary. This is huge for Obama, but in the long run, it means they are still neck and neck. On the Republican side, things aren't as clear cut as the media seems to think it is (at least it isn't at 12 AM). As of right now, McCain has had eight states called for him, Romney has had six called for him, and Huckabee has had five called for him. This will look a little different in the morning (California is still up in the air, and there is a chance Romney may pick up one or two more states). Both Huckabee and Romeny have already said they are still in it. There is very little chance that either of these two will drop out until some time after Thursday and CPAC.
  2. McCain supporters should stop saying that their man has character. While it looks like the back room tricks from West Virginia were entirely legal, it has left a bad taste in many peoples mouth. It shows that McCain and Huckabee are more interested in teaming up on Romney. It also shows that McCain has no intention of changing the way things run in Washington. Buy throwing his supporters over to Huckabee after Romney won the first vote, McCain shows that he is a skilled politician, and fits the stereotype of the back room, cigar smoking politician many people in both parties associate with Washington.
  3. Voters in states that haven't voted, are still going to influence the election. With all the jockeying of positions of different primaries, and will both parties penalizing states for moving their primaries, many thought the candidate would be set after tonight. In my opinion, we are still a long ways away from either party having a clear cut candidate. What doest that mean for my readers in states that haven't voted yet? Get out an vote!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Political Information

In preparation for Super Tuesday, and the rest of the Presidential race, I thought I would share some of the places I get my political news and commentary from. I don't get my opinion from these places, but I consider them when I am examining any issue. As you follow the race, I would recommend these sources if you want to stay up to date on what is happening in the races. Some of my sources are from places that you may not know about, so I hope everyone tries at least one of these out.

The first place I go for political information is always Real Clear Politics. This site post links to the best editorials every day. During the race, they have been tracking the delegate counts for both parties, and have been tracking the latest polls. One note on the poll numbers, the RCP polling represents an average of all of the big polls. This tends to weed out some of the polls that may be just flat wrong for some reason. I also like the site because they have the best commentary from both sides of the argument.

I am a subscriber to both The Weekly Standard and Human Events. Both of these are conservative publications. Both are well researched and have very interesting articles. Some of the editorials get reprinted in other locations. Both publications carry book reviews. With the shear number of political books released every year, it is nice to have a few sources that help to weed out some of the books that I might have otherwise considered reading.

I have mentioned on this site before that I am a fan of both Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. You may disagree with each of these, but both are quoted and talked about on both sides of the aisle. Rush has a three hour show each day that is worth listening too. Ann has a weekly column that is updated on Wednesdays.

There are other sources (like the Drudge Report) that I occasionally use for political information. However, the sources that I have listed above, along with numerous books, give me the majority of my political information. That information helps shape some of the opinion you have come to know and love.