Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Waste of Money at the Census

I just saw the "controversial" 2010 Superbowl ad. If you missed it, you can view it here. I had read a little about this before tonight. A number of people (including me) are upset that the government is spending $2.5 Million on a Superbowl ad to tell people about the Census. Does our government really have the money to blow on a project like this? The Census is required by law, and I don't disagree with it. I do disagree with the multi-million dollar PR ad for the Census. I also disagree with the $133 Million ad campaign as Fox News reports:

The bureau is spending $133 million between January and May -- or, more than $13 million for each of 10 questions, one of which reads: What is your telephone number? -- to publicize the national head-count. Part of that effort is the Super Bowl ad, which Kendall Johnson, a spokeswoman for the bureau, confirmed Wednesday to cost $2.5 million to air. The ad, produced by actor and director Christopher Guest, also will appear in other media, Johnson said.

If you have seen the ad (which you should do. You paid for it.), you might be a little confused. It looks like the census is some sort of reality movie, or perhaps a giant prank. The ad does very little to inform anyone about the census, or to convince you to let the census counters talk to you.

Early in this piece, I called the ad "controversial". In truth, it shouldn't be. We should all be outraged at the $133 Million waste of money our government has embarked on, and the worthless $2.5 Million Superbowl ad.


pack04 said...

I actually thought it did a good job ofshowing the ineptude of our government. Lots of talk with nothing getting accomplished. Nor do I know have any faith that it will be an accurate representation of the citizens of the US.

In other waste news they are going to send a letter out to let us know they are sending the census out. Is the 133 millon ad campaign not going to work?

Anonymous said...

I just finished the 2010 census form and thought it was a joke. The actual census questionnaire appeared to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (ie, barely can read). Basically the census just asked for my household headcount and nationalities...that was about it (and I was shocked by this). Why can't we just include this info with our yearly tax returns!? The advance warning letters (and postage cost) were an extra joke. Also, hello...the year 2010 about email/website response options? America's wasteful days are over...time to get real...