Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Is North Carolina History?

North Carolina has made a bold decision that history began in 1877. You may think they have lost their mind, but Fox News reports:

Right now, {North Carolina} high school students learn world history in the ninth grade, civics and economics in the tenth and the entirety of U.S. history in the eleventh grade. Under the proposed change, all ninth graders wouldn't study world history. Instead, they''ll have to take a course called Global Studies focusing on the modern issues like the environment.

Tenth graders will still get Civics and Economics, while the junior year U.S. history class would start in 1877. State officials say events prior to that year will be taught before high school and also incorporated into the sophomore year Civics class.

Education officials acknowledge this is a big change but believe it will allow them to connect with a standard of teaching based on a new national initiative called called Common Core which emphasizes standards to help prepare students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in college and careers and to be prepared to compete globally.

"The whole notion of the common core is fewer, clearer and more in depth standards. So that our students remember what's important," Garland said.

North Carolina had signers at the Declaration of Independence and the U. S. Constitution. It was here at the founding of our nation, and now it has decided that it's history, and that of the United States, isn't really that important. I guess we should feel privileged that they are keeping history after 1877. The rest of the world has no history at all according to North Carolina officials.

I have often heard history teachers complain that it's hard to squeeze all of U. S. History into the time they are allowed to teach it. However, I don't believe many of them would vote to simply not teach anything before 1877.

Our history makes us who we are. We have made mistakes, but we have also been a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. How do you argue against ideas that could be destructive if you have no concept of the context of our government, our nation, our history, or our values?

School officials in North Carolina have lost sight of what they are suppose to do. Teaching our children math, english, AND history is important. Global "Environmental" studies can be important, but not at the expense of our own identity. Without our identity, what are we?


the anonymous guy said...

is this some southern/confederate thing, thinking that u.s. history only begins at reconstruction?

Kevin said...

is it some sort of typical northern "we have superior intelligence thing?"
The election of 1876 ENDED reconstruction!

Damn I guess you have nothing to stand on when a NORTH CAROLINA educated person knows his history better than you...

Also, you have missed one major thing from the story... it is PROPOSED.
Do you know how many crazy ass ideas educator/politicians come up with yearly?

Georgia does not mention Native Americans prior to Jamestown in their US History standards. Also the standards now are such that in US history classes teachers have to be to reconstruction by Thanksgiving! How much do you really think is being taught of early American history now?

Andy, they have never said that the history prior to 1877 would be erased and not taught. It would be done in other classes. Also, how did you gloss over the fact that they are doing this to meet new NATIONAL standards.

Now by saying all of the above stuff does not mean I agree with what they are doing. But perhaps wishing people would read what they are saying, instead of falling into the read the headline and get pissed off attitude.