Monday, November 30, 2009

The Problem with Iran

I really wanted to write about the now debunked myth of man-made global warming. With the revelations over the last week, the best you can say is that man-made global warming is a scientific theory that has yet to have any serious scientific data to support it. However, as fun as that would be to write, there is a much more significant and deadly issue facing the West.

Iran made two very significant announcements over the weekend. The first you have probably heard about by now. The second seemed to miss most of the big news outlets.

First, Iran announced they will build 10 new enrichment facilities. The first five will begin in the next two months. The sites for these five have already been selected. The sites for the next five will be selected over the next two months. These 1o facilities, along with the one the West has known about, and the one the West just found out about, would give Iran the capability to make 160 nuclear bombs a year.

First-and-a-half, Iran has said time and time again that if it had a nuclear weapon, it would detonate it in Israel even knowing Israel would strike back. Why? First, Ahmadenjad believes that he can create a world Armageddon that would bring the 12th Iman out of hiding. Second, Ahmadenjad also says there are more Muslims in the world than Jews, so he can win a war of attrition.

Second, also from this weekend, Iran approved a bill that will send $20 Million to militant groups who "oppose the West". The majority of this is probably going to go to Hamas and Hezbollah. Both groups are known terrorists groups and both are quite happy to lob any number of rockets, bombs, missiles, and suicide bombers at Israel. Ask yourself, "What would happen if Hamas or Hezbollah got their hands on a nuclear warhead, even a "dirty" one?"

Health Care and Global Warming are very important debates. However, inaction on Iran will render these two issue moot. Threats about Iran not joining the world community or facing serious sanctions this time won't cut it any longer. What will? Stay tuned for the next article...


Xong said...

The problem with convincing Iran to join the world community is that certain countries do not respect international law. The US invaded Iraq against without the sanctioning of the UN, which is unlike the first Iraq war. The so called world's greatest superpower, the US, who is on the UN security council, does not even respect international law. So, why should Iran?

Andy D said...

Xong, welcome to the site. I hope to see you back.

First, there were 17 UN resolutions that Saddam ignored prior to our re-entry into Iraq. Take your pick as to which one we used to enforce. The US didn't enter Iraq alone. We had support from the UK, Australia, and many other nations.

Second, Iran has no desire to "join the world community" if that means it has to abide by the decisions of the UN. It has shown that time and time again. I think we are passed the point of threatening Iran that they aren't part of the world community. Iran is laughing at that.

pack04 said...

Xong, really? US did not follow the international rules so Iran does not?
You got kids? If the one breaks a rule does that mean you give the other a free pass to do what ever?

I read something today that goes with this and is just as scary. Lebanon will be a member of the UN security council. Lebanon and its Hezbollah, that has ties to Iran, influenced leadership is going to be working to keep Iran from attacking people. How does that even sound like something that will work. Maybe in that they were thinking that if we give them some say they will be happy.

In the last year Iran has grown very bold and seems to not be scared of anything. Iran is not scared of the US and for the first time I am scared of the world. Noble Peace Prize, history change and Oprah on your side does not mean a damn thing to me when you fail a executing your job you swore twice to do. Please reference US Constitution Article II Section 1 Clause 8. If beer chats, summits and a lot of BS hot air is the best of his ability then he is the worst president EVER. Even more than William Henry Harrison and his short time in office.

Andy D said...


You start to see why I advocate leaving the UN. The place has become a joke compared to it's purpose.

More on Iran in my next post. However, I agree. Iran is becoming a huge threat and it looks like Obama is worried about things like Health Care.