Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Quick Notes: Comments, David Scott, and 9/11

It's been some time since I last wrote an issue of Quick Notes. However, I had a couple of topics I wanted to write about today, so I thought now as the perfect time for a new issue. Sit back and enjoy!

Comments. I've added a new widget on the right side of the blog (no pun intended). On the right side of your screen, about midway down, you should now see the most recent comments on Political Friends. Occasionally I get a comment about an older post that I would like everyone to see, so I thought this might be helpful. It is set to show the last five comments. Let me know what you think. Do you like it? Is it distracting? Would you like more or less comments? More or less details on those comments? Thanks ahead of time for any input you have.

David Scott's Courage. I am represented in the House by Congressman David Scott (D-GA). I have been trying to track down a town hall meeting I could attend to discuss health care with Mr. Scott. After his meltdown in front of a few constituents at the beginning of the month, he has been a little reluctant to appear at town halls. I have talked to Mr. Scott's office a number of times asking when he was having his health care town hall to hear from constituents. At first I was told it would be on August 28th and would be cosponsored by the AARP. However, as the clip above got more play, Mr. Scott backed down from this event. David Johnson of the Congressman's office said they were no longer having the event. He claimed that every venue they approached were worried about security issues. Apparently that wasn't the case.

State Representative Don Wix notes on his site that last week he attended, "...the townhall meeting in Austell sponsored by the AARP to hear from Congressman David Scott and to talk with local citizens about the pending healthcare legislation." I have to respectfully disagree with both Mr. Wix and Mr. Scott. When the event is an invitation only event sponsored by a friendly special interest group, it hardly qualifies as a "townhall" and I am not sure their goal was to hear from local citizens.

Special 9/11 Post. I volunteered Political Friends to join Project 2,996. This site is dedicated to remembering the victims of 9/11. I have been given a name I will write a special post about that day. If you have a blog or a site and want to participate, they still have plenty of names to assign, so go volunteer to help. I normally allow debate on here. I only moderate comments when they become insulting. For my 9/11 remembrance post, I will be very heavy on the moderate button. If you have anything political to say, don't do it on that post. I will include a reminder with the 9/11 post.

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