Friday, September 11, 2009

In Memory of Jennifer Mazzotta (1978 to 2001)

I volunteered this site to participate in Project 2996. This project is dedicated to remembering the people who were killed on September 11, 2001. One of the victims of that day was Jennifer Mazzotta.

How do you write an adequate memorial to someone you have never met? I don't know that you can. I was touched by the many loving words I discovered on different web sites from her family. Jennifer was the oldest of three kids. Her mother said that Jennifer was the first of the three to graduate college, and the entire family was very proud of her. After graduating from St. Joseph College, she went to work for Cantor Fitzgerald. She was working there on the morning of September 11th.

Jennifer and her fiance Anthony had been together since her high school prom. They were together for almost six years and were ready to plan their wedding. She was a Godmother. Ten days after her death, her niece was born. Her nephew was born two years later. These two didn't meet her in this life, but I am sure she is with them every day.

Everything I found written about Jennifer by her family and friends was filled with love. They celebrated her strengths. She sounds like she was a very dedicated woman. She was someone who knew what she wanted and worked hard to accomplish her goals. As I read through the different memorials out there, a few words kept jumping out: intelligent, beautiful, hard working, and loving.

You can also see that she touched the lives of those who she met. The memorials from her family and friends I found while researching this are very touching. From reading them, I think Jennifer would have wanted us to remember her family: her brother and sister, her parents, her aunts and uncles, her fiance, and those new additions to her family since her death.

Jennifer Mazzotta was a good, smart, and loving young lady who shouldn't have been taken so early. Today, our thoughts and prayers are with her, and with her family.


Take a few minutes today and think of those who passed on September 11th. The 2996 Project has a list of sites participating in this memorial. Take a few minutes to read a few of those at random. They have left us, but we can still remember them.


Seattle Dave said...

Very well done Andy.

Kudos to you on doing this Memorial.


Chester's Dad said...

I have worn a 9.11 bracelet with Jennifer's name on it since 2007 and I will wear it the rest of my life. Thank you for doing this nice memorial.