Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why the Rush to Change Health Insurance

As Health Care reform became more in doubt today, President Obama stuck to his guns insisting that both the Senate and the House pass Health Care reform by the August recess. With our economy continuing on a downward slope and with unemployment at 9.7% and expected to go higher, why the rush to spend huge amounts of money we don't have on health care reform?

The House Energy and Commerce Committee postponed voting on its version of health care reform indefinitely. They may pick it back up at a later date. However, Blue Dog Democrats have a large presence on the committee and they are concerned with how to pay for the health care reform the President is asking for. In testimony last week, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office Director, Doug Elmendorf, stated that the various proposals from Congress would not reduce the cost of health care. Yet, President Obama has cited reducing health care costs as a primary reason for reforming health care. If the proposals now before Congress won't reduce our costs, why are we even considering them?

Various estimates have been done on the assorted health care plans and have predicted huge costs to the American taxpayer. Congress is debating a tax surcharge and taxes on health care insurance, both of which are equally noxious. There is some debate that neither of these proposals will pay for the changes Democrats are proposing. With this in mind, why are we rushing to implement these expensive change. We rushed the Stimulus plan through and it has been a failure. It has failed to stop unemployment, it has failed to spur growth in our economy, and it has failed to keep state and local governments from raising taxes. We were told we had to pass the Stimulus plan and we had to do it without debate.

I am not opposed to health care reform. I would like to see a system that includes tort reform, more options for individual insurance, insurance exchanges, and a tax incentive for individuals to buy their own insurance. I would like to see insurance companies allowed to sell insurance across state lines. I would like to see more interaction between individuals and their insurance companies and less face time between the insurance companies and government or employers. These issues need to be debated. On a large fundamental change to our life style like this, the American public needs a chance to read the bills in Congress before they are passed and they need time to weigh in with their representatives. If we rush health care reform through, I can guarantee it won't be right, it will cost much more than our economy can bare, and it still won't cover the people it needs to cover.


pack04 said...

S.C. Senator DeMint is getting harsh with President Obama. In response the President said:
"This isn't about me. This isn't about politics. This is about a health care system that is breaking America's families, breaking America's businesses and breaking America's economy. And we can't afford the politics of delay and defeat when it comes to health care -- not this time, not now."

They have the House and the Senate majorities, what politics do they need to play? How is Senator DeMint's political playing even revalent? If is it so need and such a good thing than ignore Senator DeMint and pass the legislation and prove him wrong.
Additionally, is not President Obama's statement nothing but political talk as well?

This is crazy how fast they are trying to go. It is like you would expect to see graveyards filling up, people on the street just falling over dead. Outbreaks of yellow fever or something. Is this a smoke screen? Something to get peoples minds off of the wars that are still going on. Or the economy that is still tanking or the unemployment that is still rising? What really has President Obama accomplished since Jan. 20th? Is this just another attempt by him to accomplish something because something is better than nothing?

Added to your list, I would like to see pricing for services to be advertised before hand. If you need elective surgery, shop around. If you need emergency services you will know the cost up front.

Andy D said...

I hadn't thought about the pricing. I like that one. A brochure by the front door advertising what different procedures cost...

pack04 said...

A menu of health care! Maybe they could have the Dollar menu section. And/Or a three tiered level of care like at the gas station: Regular, Mid, Ultimate.

Just to keep feeling like a broken record:
Health care is different than health insurance.