Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have been invited to post on the website Alexandria, Crossroads of Civilization. It's a pretty unique site, and I have added it to my links on the right side of this site. The post I published today, "The Real Problem With Obama's Stupid Answer" also appears at Alexandria as my first piece for that site. I would encourage you to check that site out. I plan on contributing a regular piece to their site. Sometimes it will be a duplicate of what I post here, sometimes it will be a unique piece only viewable from Alexandria. Either way, I will always let me readers here know when I have published something else, including at Alexandria. I have full control of the content and the comments for my posts at there. I will use the same rules there as I use here: If you think I am wrong, let me know. So long as you don't call other readers or authors names, I will post your comments there. I hope you enjoy their site. Political Friends is still my home, and the vast bulk of my work will still be here. Thank you, and enjoy!

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