Saturday, October 11, 2008

Political Friends In Washington -- Day Three

On our final full day in Washington, we decided to walk around the mall and some of the other Museums. I shot this picture during a much deserved rest break at the Washington Monument. The view was incredible. In addition to the Museum of Art, and the Museum of Natural History, we went to the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Monument, and finally the Lincoln Memorial. We ended this evening with a Capitals Hockey game. Go Caps!

Washington is truly a beautiful city. This visit has been a lot like a pilgrimage for me. I finished John Adams last night, and read Sarah by Kaylene Johnson today. The book is the story of Sarah Palin winning the Alaskan Governors race. She won by promising to use the state constitution as her guide.

With the problems we face in today's world, our elected officials seem to have forgotten why they are in Washington. I will leave this city tomorrow with a greater conviction in my own beliefs. Not my political beliefs, but in my beliefs in our country. I believe we need a radical wake up call in Washington for Republicans and Democrats alike. I believe that our founding fathers gave us the tools we need to continue to succeed in this world. I believe the American people have the talents and abilities to survive our economic crisis, and whatever else our world throws at us.

I believe it is time for us, as voters, to tell our officials they have forgotten how to do their job. It's time they remembered how, or got out of town.

I also believe this city is incredibly beautiful. I have really enjoyed my short vacation here, and I hope my readers stop in for a few days if they ever get the chance.

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