Friday, October 10, 2008

Political Friends in Washington -- Day Two

I continue to enjoy my vacation in Washington despite the collapse of the markets. "Collapse" is probably too strong a word. At this point, many are still calling it a "correction". I think some of this is due to actions of our leaders recently. But on to the vacation...

My wife and I did a lot of exploring and walking today. We started off at the Library of Congress. This building is really incredible. The ceiling and most of the inner viewing room is covered with paintings, mosaics, and sculptures. It is really incredible to see the history and just the art of the building. There are only two books are permanent display in the building, and they are both Bibles. Just a point for everyone to think about. If you ever go to Washington, make some time to see this building.

We then walked around the Capitol building again. I still can't get over its size, beauty, and "Majesty". The picture from above I took in the pool out in front of the Capitol.

We walked over to the Air and Space Museum and enjoyed it, though I think we really only saw a fraction of it. We also took in the National Portrait Gallery. It was very interesting. I am finishing David McCullough's John Adams, so I was very interested in many of the Presidential portraits. Considering our current economic crisis, I think I found some advice in the gallery for our current leaders...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andy, if you like beautiful buildings, you might enjoy the National Building Museum. It's close to where you are, and the interior is stunning. The exhibits can be good, too, but the interior is really amazing.

In any case, have fun!