Thursday, June 19, 2008

Quick Notes – Great President, Drill Here, and the Political Machine

It has been about three weeks since the last issue of "Quick Notes". A lot has happened in that time, and there is a lot happening today. Without further ado, here are your Quick Notes:

"W" the Great President. Ann Coulter wrote a very strong defense of President Bush last week. She argues that future generations will look at President George W. Bush as a Great President. Her best reason: no attack on U. S. soil from Al-Queda since Sept. 11th. As Ms. Coulter points out, how many people would have thought on Sept. 12th that we could go seven years without another attack from Al-Q here? I remember quite clearly people on TV and around the water cooler saying that it wasn't a question of if, but only a question of when. Everyone was certain we would be hit again, and many thought it would be a matter of days, perhaps a month. Instead, we are in 2008, and still no Al-Q attack here.

Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less. American Solutions is running an online petition to get Congress to allow more oil exploration in the United States. I don't believe any serious effort can be made to reduce oil and gas prices without more domestic exploration. As of this writing, the petition is at 1,034,451 signatures. Their original goal was 1,000,000 signatures. Having passed that, they are shooting for 4,000,000. Go sign the petition, and get your bumper sticker.

Political Machine. I want to end this Quick Notes with something fun. Stardock software has created a game called "Political Machine". In the game you select a candidate for President and run their campaign. The 2004 version was very detailed and considered one of the best political simulators available. I tried the 2004 version once and had to have the newest one. The game is cheap ($19.95) and is very well done. You can choose from an existing candidate (like Obama or McCain) or create your own (maybe Rush Limbaugh for President). If you are a political junkie, you will love this game.


Andy D said...

Newt Gingrich had a fantastic quote in the New York Post yesterday that I couldn't resist sharing.

"It isn't possible to regulate, tax or sue our way to lower fuel prices. While alternative energies are desirable in the long term, Americans need relief now."

I thought the first sentence was just great. These two sentences together pretty well sum up my opinion on domestic drilling.

The Author of this Blog is home at last, and he has something to say... said...

Thanks Andy,

I have just visited you blog, "Political Friends" and I must say that I was duly impressed by the topics and set up.

I gather from reading your blog that you tend to lean on the conservative side. Nothing wrong with that since I'm the polar opposite.

Also, I happen to think that Ann Coulter is a 'trash mouth' and exhibits little class. She rants about the most ridiculous things. Defending George Bush is terrible waste of time. The country thinks he's been an awful president and unfortunately, so do I. In fact I think he is indeed reprehensible'in the way he's messed up this country. Ann Coulter herself, is literally a 'no-brainer' even though she attended a prestigious law school.

I believe in Global warming, and that people are indeed worst off than they were in my parents
Yes, people do indeed have bigger houses, but they can't pay for them. It takes two parents to do the same as one was able to achieve when I was growing up.

They also live in those big houses and never see each other. They don't eat dinner together or have conversation.

In regards to the poor having access to color TV's and a car. That's not a marked improvement on poverty.

In past generations they didn't have 'pay as you go' type dealerships where anyone can get a car, even a clunker. You just pay a small amount each week. Also, color Tv's are so cheap and so many available that I don't believe that can count as a lifestyle improvement.

Anyway, I loved your site and its good that we can disagree and not hang each other. I've subscribed to your blog, "Political Friends".
I wish you the best of luck in your life and hope all of your aspirations are fulfilled.

Enddude at

Exposing, Deceit, Prejudice and Intolerance.

Andy D said...

First and foremost, I always appreciate compliments, so thank you.

I think you may be selling Coulter and Bush both a little short. Bush's poll numbers are low, but there are still a lot of people who like him and approve of many of his decisions. For a frame of reference, compare his numbers to those of Congress. I look at Coulter the same way as I do James Carville. Both are smart, both are passionate about their beliefs, and both aren't afraid to speak their mind.

The debate on the poor will have to get it's own post. I welcome the debate.

Thanks again for the compliments, and I hope you keep coming back. Feel free to post anytime you disagree with me.

familyman said...

To say that Bush is a great president because there has been no terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11 means by extension that most Presidents have been even greater.

Using the frequency and severity of Terrorist attacks on the continental U.S. during a given President's tenure as a measure of greatness would actually put Bush somewhere at the bottom.

The Terrys said...

Just because there hasn't been an attack in 7 years doesn't mean there won't be one tomorrow.

Also, if we drill here, in the US, oil will run out eventually. It's not a solution, it's just slightly delaying the problem.