Thursday, June 26, 2008


Welcome again to my entry for the Mystery Topic Challenge. For those of you who haven’t been by the Blog Ninjas, or MTC site, go check it out. There are a some very good bloggers who participate in both of those sites. Once again, it is time for a Mystery Topic Challenge. This challenge is:

We all have things we’ve never revealed about ourselves on our blog, things our readers wouldn’t know about us but might be interested to know as it gives them a better insight into who we are. Here’s your chance!

Tell us about something that you’ve never written about on your blog before.

This was a tough one to do for me. I racked my brain for some insight that you might be interested in that could also help explain my views on this site. Some tidbit of information that would give you a great “Aha!” moment the next time you read my thoughts on freedom, taxes, and the President. I was really at a loss on how to answer this challenge, so I did what I always do when I am out of ideas, I clear my mind, and I picture…

…a bar. At first the bar looks like any other bar you might stumble into. When you first walk in, you hear the constant and shifting hum of a number of conversations all happening at the same time. Some of the languages you recognize, some you would swear you have never heard before. Glasses clink as the bartender hands out more refreshments, and a light melody is playing near the stage at the front of the bar. A spot light is on the lone microphone. You’re in luck! It looks like its karaoke night!

The crowd grows quiet. A man has broken himself from the crowd and approaches the stage. You can feel the excitement pick up a beat or two. This is a rare treat! This particular guy is always in the bar, but rarely ever graces the stage. From behind you, you hear the rustle of the owner of the bar as he gets more attentive. Two people sitting near the front start to sweat. They know this tall, dark, brooding guy in a dark trench coat doesn’t want to be on the stage. But someone’s life depends on this song. Slowly the man, a very dangerous looking man, approaches the microphone. The vampire (because that is what the man is) starts off very tentatively, “I remember all my life, raining down as cold as ice…” Those in the bar (human and demon alike) who haven’t heard Angel sing before are sorely disappointed. As the song continues, and the music ramps up (“…I never realized how happy you made me, oh Mandy…”), Lorne, approaches the bar. The owner (demon?) addresses the crowd and gets Angel off the stage. Now that Lorne has seen Angel sing, he can tell Angel the information he needs…

For those of you who don’t recognize it, this is a scene from Angel. Not just any scene, but a scene where the hero (a centuries old vampire with a soul) has to reveal himself to a crowd in order to get some information to save a life. He does it by singing his favorite song.

I am a big Joss Whedon fan (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Serenity). I am also a pretty big David Boreanaz fan (who can currently be seen in Bones), and I like the music of Barry Manilow (I really have no idea what he is up to now).

Sometimes we need to have a minute or two to ourselves to clear our heads, or to hear the tuning fork that guides our lives. Whenever that happens, I go to You Tube and do a search for “Angel sings Mandy”. It always helps me.

Now that I have entered my submission, and need a good place to hide for some time, go see all of the submissions at the Mystery Topic Challenge blog. Vote on your favorite, and then cruise around the site to see what other great bloggers are hanging out there. There are links below for each of the contestants in this challenge. Enjoy.

Jayne d'Arcy


Andy D


MooPig_Wisdom said...

"But someone’s life depends on this song."

"Mandy" is an extremely entertaining entry to read. At expense of revealing core values and searing tastes in literature, acting, and characters, Mr D's revelation has a twist.

You can feel the excitement pick up a beat or two.

Readers are guided by an observer, Andy D, who is attentive to others' needs as he himself is sometimes needy. Within his statement is also a bright view into his demographic. Lord knows no one likes to reveal their demographic upfront to any one!!!

Now that Lorne has seen Angel sing, he can tell Angel the information he needs…

In conclusion what I think about is that there is humility in suffering truth, and vulnerability in being the messenger.

...the hero (a centuries old vampire with a soul) has to reveal himself to a crowd in order to get some information to save a life...

And sometimes truth is hideous. And how disastrous it can be if we lose the truth. Let's only hope Mr D reveals more secrets along with "thoughts on freedom, taxes, and the President."

Thanks for the opportunity. As always sincerely, yours,
MooPig dur Furst aka Pat

SomeGoSoftly said...

I love it! A glimpse in to what makes you you. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing.

Christina said...

I'm right there with ya when it comes to Buffy and Angel, I'm just barely getting over my disappointment that those great series ended! (Since I don't have cable or a DVD player, I'm outta luck.) Lorne was awesome, and I remember that episode.

Good, entertaining, and interesting post, Andy...

Jayne d'Arcy said...

Excellent post and it really does give a great insight to who you are. That is one of my favorite Angel episodes when Angel sings Mandy. It's so awful, but it has to be done and I just cringe when Angel is just beginning to enjoy himself and Lorne removes him from the stage. *sigh*