Sunday, April 06, 2008

McCain - Rice '08 ?

In case you didn't know, 2008 is an election year. Hard to believe isn't it? On the Democratic side of the house, everyone is taking turns attacking Obama for his ties to Wright / Rezko or Clinton and her "memory". On the Republican side, McCain has had the nomination in hand for a number of months. This leads to the only "fun" speculation: Vice President.

The conventional wisdom is that McCain will pick someone who is strong in an area he isn't. For example, Romney ( in the field of economics) or perhaps Huckabee (as a slightly stronger tie to conservatives). Many believe McCain will pick someone who share his own ideas, think "McCain Lite". The Governors of South Carolina and Minnesota have both been suggested as well as the former Secretary of Homeland Security.

I really can't see myself voting for Obama or Clinton. Their policies are too similar and too far left for me. I don't really like McCain on a number of issues. I have been hoping McCain would pick a VP candidate who would excite me (Romeny?). So far I have been a little disappointed in the names that have been seriously considered.

A few weeks ago I heard the first possible rumblings of a VP candidate I could get excited about: Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. The first time I came across this was in an editorial in the New Yorker. Hendrik Hertzberg admitted it was pure speculation, but thought it was a fun idea anyways. Mr. Hertzberg outlined a number of good reasons to pick her. She is, "...indisputably the highest-ranking black female official ever to have served in any branch of the United States government." The novelty of a black presidential candidate or a female presidential candidate would be somewhat dissolved. Second, her nomination would also help the Republican party and some of the stereotypes it has been labeled with.

But more importantly, look at her resume. She is the current Secretary of State, has served as the National Security Adviser, she served under the previous President Bush as Soviet and Eastern European Affairs Adviser. She was a Provost at Standford University and a professor of Political Science. She could arguably be the most qualified Vice Presidential Candidate in some time.

There is a chance this wishful thinking is turning into more of a reality. Matt Drudge has a link on his site to an ABC News story claiming Ms. Rice is actively seeking the nomination. Previously, she has said she has no desire for the ticket. If she is actively seeking the nomination, and McCain can be smart enough to choose her, I might have found my ticket for November.


Mr President said...

I think Rice would be a great choice for McCain. Whilst I probably agree with McCain more than you do (and certainly I have no love of Romney) I agree with you on Rice.

She's qualified. Given her ties to a conservative Bush administration she should help win over conservatives. On security matters she'll only strengthen the advantage McCain has over the two democrat nominees.

Crucially, however, she'll take away the democrat trump cards. If Barrack Obama wasn't black and Hillary wasn't a woman neither would be taken seriously on the basis of their terrible policies.

Rice as VP would force the campaign back to policies and not side issues like the race and gender of the president (which is irrelevant).

On policies McCain would be a shoo-in.

familyman said...

Quote from Andy - The novelty of a black presidential candidate or a female presidential candidate would be somewhat dissolved.

Andy, I hope you realize the possibility that we may have a black or a woman President is far more than a novelty. To call it a novelty really trivializes something that would be an enormously historic event.

Tin Ma'am said...

I do want a fellow military man to lead the country during a time of war. I've come to the conclusion that the civilians running things have no fucking idea about tactics and have unrealistic expectations of the "magic" soldiers can work. As if the mere presence of military personnel will fix things.

Andy D said...

Mr. President, right as always.

Familyman, you are correct. If Obama or Clinton were to win the Presidency it would be a very significant record. I was talking more about those voters who will vote for Obama or Clinton simply because of skin color gender. As Mr. President said above, selecting Rice as a VP would be a great way to focus this back on issues.

Tin, I am a big supporter of the military. One of the things I like about McCain is the image he would give our enemies abroad. A feisty, ex-military guy with a temper. Might cause a few of our enemies to rethink some of their positions.

familyman said...

tin ma'am -

I think you are exactly right in describing the problem with George Bush's view of the military and what he thinks can be accomplished with it. But I don't think that necessarily applies to everyone without military experience.

Anonymous said...

No Way!


Patrick said...


So ok, I broke my rule and decided to post on your website before I became a guest poster. I still want that opportunity though.

Anyway, here's my take. I don't know I'm going to vote for now, because there is more finger pointing by the media and the candidates themselves, I'm starting to wonder what's the main objective for running now? McCain is probably just sitting back and sipping cognac because he's already got his nomination. As I always say, this is why I'm dead in the middle as far as Rep/Dem. Rep. don't want much change (as long as they can keep their money, and Dem's are just fighting amongst themselves to achieve nothing.

If Condi Rice were to run for Pres., hell, I would vote for her easily over anyone. I think honestly, it would be the best thing for the Rep. as far this whole race (ethnicity) goes. Mr. President, even though race and gender should be irrelevant in choosing presidents, there are a alot of irrational voters who seem to think it does. Also, I think white males have a good foothold on the Presidency, so maybe it's about time to give the other groups that make up this country a good chance to see what it's like at the helm. Of course, as we've seen, there's Congress to keep them in check. :) Think about this, we've already seen the "Is Barack Obama black enough" comments. With Condi Rice's experience, and her complexion :), I think that would be a little harder to combat.

But besides that, we're talking about a WOMAN, who was repeatedly gone into the Middle East, where they don't respect women in high positions, and done some honestly to God, foreign policy damage control in the past. That's an ok in my book for anyone.

What is all boils down to for me is this....I'm for change, but not for the sake of change. True enough, 81% of America is also unhappy with where we are going. When I see John McCain, I see the same policies that got us here. We don't want that. Perhaps with Condi as VP, maybe she'll massage just enough change to get us back on track. (Perhaps, the Fairtax? -- Notice that no big candidate is bringing that up.)

Andy D said...

Welcome to the fray Patrick. Anytime you want to write on any subject, you know the rules and you are welcome to give me something to post for you.

I am really excited about Condi as a possible VP. She is denying it in public now, but I am hoping she gets selected.

familyman said...

Patrick -

I'm not arguing with you (yet) because I really haven't heard much about Condi's stance on the issues other than when I've heard hear publicly tow the Bush administration line on this or that.

What makes you think she would bring any change of course from the Bush policies any more than McCain would? She's pretty much been a stalwart supporter of the Bush agenda all along hasn't she?

As Secretary of State I'd assume she's even had a hand in crafting that agenda.

Anonymous said...

After Condi handled the bin Laden warning memo and the invasion of Iraq so well, what's not to like?

Patrick said...

Sorry it took so long to repost, but they blocked the site at work and haven't felt like getting on the computer in the evenings after work.

Family Man (and all)-
As far as Condi goes, my stance is more of looking beyond what's in the papers and how our foreign policy currently stands. If you take what GW and his administration has done to foreign policy, it makes you wonder, why has Condi defended the stances they've taken, instead of cutting and running as so many have done? I believe (emphasis on believe) that Condi is a much more complex person, as it probably takes a complex person to tend to GW and still try to do your job to the best ability. I try to look at it as most jobs: even if your boss is screwing things up, when an outside competitor asks you about him, do you A) Badmouth him/her, or B) Stick to your guns and back them up? Depending on if you work for Enron, I would pick B. Reason being that if you badmouth your boss, you'll be looked at just as badly for selling them out and still following along with them. Look at her background (education, teaching credits, professional skills) and you'll see that she's a very intelligent woman. There's got to something more than what we're reading about. Just my thoughts on that, but I could be wrong.

Andy D said...

It is an outrage that they have blocked my site at your work.

However, I like your defense of Condi. I hope she is picked so we can continue this debate up to November.

familyman said...

Well, I'd rather base my decision on someone's performance not on their resume.

Andy D said...

Based on their performance, who would you support right now?

familyman said...

Well, Edwards of course. But of the current candidates I've got to go with Obama. Even though he *gasp* doesn't wear a flag pin!

Andy D said...

This may sound like a sarcastic remark, but I don't intend it to be. What in Obama's career makes you believe he is suited to be President? What accomplishments in his past can you point to as reasons for him to be President?

On a side note, were you being funny, or do you really see no problem with Obama refusing to wear an American Flag pin? Shouldn't a Presidential candidate want to be associated with the American Flag?