Saturday, September 01, 2007

It really is amazing where you might find inspiration for a new topic. Having written on other sites about the placement of Al Gore's book at a local bookseller, I am now always on the look out for unexpected inspiration.

The State Fair in Minnesota this weekend provided a few examples of just such inspiration. The gentleman above was kind enough to pose for a picture next to one of the rides. As you can see from his t-shirt, he and I wouldn't agree on politics. And while I would agure that getting elected to the Presidency suggested a certian amount of knowledge, I decided not to debate the issue with this Fair go-er. He was kind enough to pose for this picture, and I was afriad he might ask me about the Preisdent that my home state produced. If he had called me on that point, I might have lost the arguement.

However, another source of inspiration hit me at the Democraitc Party's both. There, along one wall, they had a board where people could leave post it notes on why Norm Coleman shouldn't be re-elected. Here is the board:

As I looked over the reasons Democrats were upset with Norm Coleman, I noticed something: None of the notes really had anything to do with Mr. Coleman. Most of the notes said things like, "Becuase", "Ditto", or "Bush is an Idiot". None of them were really complaints about Norma Coleman. Many were complaints about Bush, and some were notes accusing Mr. Coleman of being a Bush "lap dog". I found it interesting anyway. And before I left, I placed my own note on the board that promptly got attention:

I did leave the tent inspired to watch Mr. Gore's movie An Inconvienient Truth. I was surprised a few times during the movie, dissappointed at other times. I am going to watch it again this weekend with a notepad in hand to prepare for my review.

Have a good weekend! And leave me a comment if you have run into a political statement in a surprising place.


Jayne d'Arcy said...

Something I've always found interesting about political statements is here in Spokane with state politics. I don't know about the rest of Washington, but here in Spokane, the politicians pay homeowners to let them put their "vote for me" signs on their property. There is a shack, a weedy mess of property with a pack of white trash residents, that wind up making quite a fistful of cash because they let every politician litter their property with their signs. It happens that this ugly piece of land is right at a very busy intersection. At our most recent election, we counted at least 70 signs, including at least ten that had been attached to the roof of the shack and on two dead cars rusting in the yard.

One of these days I must take my camera with me and get a photo.

Andy D said...

I love taking pictures. I have just started photographing "political subjects". So far it has been a lot of fun.