Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Weekend. If you know anyone in the military, take a few minutes this weekend and thank them for their service. Regardless of our political beliefs, our men and women in uniform protect us and our many freedoms. They should be thanked 365 days a year. Without them, we wouldn’t have the freedom to debate the issues we debate on here.

If you are looking for something political in nature to read this weekend, I have a new post up at Politics Wikia. Check it out, and vote for it if you like it. As a teaser, I take on former Vice President Al Gore’s marketing strategy. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a safe weekend, and thank you to anyone in the military or with family in the military.


Stephanie said...

Hi Andy,

I read your article in Politics Wikia, and I actually agree that the book should be placed differently in the store. I think a science section would be more fitting.


Andy D said...


I told the manager, I didn't want to debate the science behind the book, I just didn't feel that Inspiration or Religion was an appropriate place to stock Al Gore's book. Thanks for the comment.

Abas KS said...

Happy Memorial Day.

I know a U.S. naval officer working off the coast of Japan.

It may not in the middle east but wish him & all other U.S. service men, past & present, good luck.

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