Thursday, April 26, 2007


I have been asked to write an article for Poltics wikia. My article is up and entitled "Senate Majority Leader Joe Lieberman". I would ask everyone to go to the site as a favor and check out my article and to see what you think of the site. If anyone has any trouble finding the article or has an issue with the site, let me know. I am trying to decide if I wish to write more for Poltics wikia and I am going to use my readers thoughts to help with the decision.

Thanks ahead of time.


HollyGL said...

Hi Andy,

I went to the site and found it really easy to navigate. Your article was well written, and obviously sparked some debate!


Andy D said...

Thanks for the feedback Holly. I think I am going to write an article every other week for that site. I like the different readers commenting on my work, and I hope to get a few of them commenting in here. Maybe a few new readers vs. some of the old readers. This site is about debating the issues, so if I can increase the debate, I want to do that.