Friday, January 12, 2007

Why We Need Superman

In the 2006 movie Superman Returns, Lois Lane is working on an article titled “Why we need Superman”. This article is as important in Metropolis as it is in our world. We need a leader who is above criticism, reproach, and who no one would accuse of having anything less than the most honorable of intentions. Unfortunately, Superman doesn’t live in our world.

George Bush unveiled his way forward this week. In addition to containing an increase of approximately 21,000 troops, and an aircraft group with Iran and Syria’s name written all over it, the plan also contained many points the Democrats claimed they wanted. President Bush took ownership of any mistakes that may have been made in Iraq. President Bush incorporated some of the points contained in the Iraq Study Group. The President set benchmarks that the Iraqi government must meet. Many Democrats said that a purely military solution could not work. The Presidents plan contains military, diplomatic, economic, and political points. After hearing the Presidents plan, I thought the Democrats would be quite happy. However, I underestimated just how much the Democrats no longer understand reality.

The Democrats began criticizing the Presidents plan as soon as he stopped talking. The Democrats haven’t offered any real plans of their own. They also haven’t tried to explain how their “redeployment” option will keep us safe. The Democrats have said time and time again that the President is wrong because….well, he is George Bush. That is the only reason they have come up with.

If the Democrats truly believe that the President’s plan won’t work (after actually reviewing the plan) they have a duty to point out the problems with the plan. They then have a duty to submit a plan that will work. And they must show why they believe their plan will protect us, our children, and our children’s children.

The Democrats don’t realize we face an enemy more evil than Lex Luthor ever was. They think if we pack up and head home, the terrorist will leave us alone. Bin Laden won’t leave us alone, and the terrorist that are getting money from Iran won’t leave us alone either.

There is no Superman that can save us at the last minute. The Democrats must realize we are in a fight for our existence. If the Democrats are going to continue to be a legitimate political party, they have to realize what the world looks like. They have to start contributing to the solution and stop being part of the problem.


Andy D said...

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Antonine Plato said...

Andy, Andy, Andy. It's stuff like this that really worries me. "America is fighting for it's existence"??

"The World Needs Superman"?? I know what the world doesn't need and that's George W. Bush!

Democracy has created a monster! Do you honestly think that the systematic slaughter of 50,000 iraqi civilians is "America fighting for it's existence"?

Has it ever crossed your mind why your country isn't so trigger happy when it comes to stopping opression in Rwanda, Darfur and Zimbabwe? You guessed it, there's nothing in it for the Bush family. No money, no oil, no massive infrastructure and security contracts = no help!

Do you honestly think that everyone should be backing the vietnam style "send more troops in" policy. Doesn't work, never has, never will.

When the troops have to withdraw and you see the first stories about civil war in the paper. Just remember this post...

Andy D said...

I am concerned that most people don’t understand that we are in fact fighting for our existence. On a global scale, most of the West is fighting for its existence and doesn’t realize it yet.

There is a sect of Islam that is out to destroy democracy and replace it with a Sharia law nation. This doesn’t represent all Islam, but it is out there. I have argued time and time again, when terrorist organizations demand an Islamic America (bin Laden in 2000) before they will even consider stopping their attacks, we have to take them at their word. We are in a fight for our survival, the terrorist know it, and now we need to wake up to it.

I think it is fair to criticize our President. I will be the first to say he has made decisions I haven’t agreed with. But he sees what is at stake, and he is leading. You may not like the direction, but he is leading. No one from the opposition party is leading. And there are no solutions from the Democrats. They only solution they offer, withdrawal, they won’t argue how it will make us any safer.

I agree with a troop surge so long as it is accompanied with a change in the rules of engagement. We have that with the President’s new plan. We also have two commanders that may make a difference in Iraq now.

If we have to pull the troops out, there will be bigger problems than whether or not you were right on this post.

Andy D said...

Another note to my readers:

I am still waiting on blogger to unlock my site. I have one post ready to go as soon as I can get back in. I have been trying to work with Blogger to get this resolved, but have been unsuccessful so far. I appreciate everyones patience, and we will see what happens.

familyman said...

Hey Andy, if you were talking about our fight with the taliban and al qaida in Afghanistan and referred to it as a fight for our existence against international terrorism, I'd be right with you. They were after all responsible for 9/11 and are no doubt still working to bring more terror to the U.S.

We should have brought our full force down on the taliban and al qaida in Afghanistan and stayed there in full force until that mission was accomplished.

But the fight in Iraq has never been about international terrorism. The terrorist that are there now, have arrived since we got there because the mess we made of things gave them the perfect opening. Before we went to Iraq, there was no connection or cooperation between Iraq and al qaida. And the terrible violence that is going on now is mainly iraqi on iraqi violence. And our people are just stuck in the middle of it.

If we leave, the Sunnis and Shiites aren't going to follow us home and attack us. They'll continue to fight each other.

Instead of characterizing the fight in Iraq as a fight for our existence, it seems to me more like a fight to save the iraqi people from the mess we've created.

I think George Bush would have more luck selling his troop surge if he started being a little more honest about the situation.

Instead of saying "Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me."

How about if he said, "Due to a number of missteps and miscalculations over the course of this war by me and my administration, the Iraqi people now find themselves in a situation that in some ways is worse than before we attacked. Obviously things did not go as we had hoped in Iraq, and while we have succeeded in getting the iraqi people out of the frying pan, I'm afraid they are now right in the middle of the fire. Because of our role in creating this situation, I cannot find it in my heart to simply pull out all our troops and leave the Iraqi people to deal with the unimaginable hoorors of the civil war that would undoubtedly follow.

I am therefore asking for an extra 21,500 troops to be sent to Iraq to try to bring the violence under control before we leave the country.

I hope you, my fellow Americans feel the same obligation that I do to stay in Iraq so that we can try to fix what we've broken. I don't want America to be known for years to come as the country that broke Iraq and then ran away when they couldn't fix it."

If I heard him say that I'd think, "Wow he does have some grasp on reality."

Love your blog. I'll be back if you'll have me. :)

Andy D said...

Familyman, there are parts of your comments I agree with. I believe we should have started with more troops in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I don’t think the Sunni or Shia militias will follow us anywhere if we leave Iraq. The reason we went into Iraq was only partly because of terrorist.

We went into Iraq primarily for one reason; Saddam was in open defiance of 17 UN resolutions. Everyone in the world thought Saddam had WMD’s. He was trying to obtain nuclear material, but didn’t have it yet. He was courting Al-Queda, but Al-Queda wasn’t eager to work with him. If Saddam wanted to keep us out of Iraq, all he had to do was comply with the UN.

While the militias won’t follow us, Al-Queda, and Iran will. If you think that by leaving Iraq, they will suddenly loose interest in us, you are fooling your self.

And I am always happy to have you here. I am going to put a link up to your site in the links today.