Monday, December 18, 2006

What more can we give North Korea?

North Korea proudly proclaimed itself a Nuclear Power today. The six party talks resumed today, and as I predicted last month, North Korea showed up with a laundry list of demands. In stead of sounding like a nation interested in becoming a part of the world community, North Korea sounded like a landlord demanding rent.

First, North Korea demanded the US stop all financial sanctions against the “Fearless Leader” and North Korea. This is to include the frozen banks that the US began due to North Korea’s high counterfeiting of the US $100 bill. Secondly, someone other than North Korea is to come build them a nuclear reactor. Next, the rest of the world is to provide power for North Korea until the nuclear reactor is built. After that, North Korea and Kim Jung-Il will consider abandoning their nuclear weapon program. And by the way, since they were able to “successfully” test a nuclear weapon, they want equal treatment as any other nation in the world.

When a child misbehaves, he doesn’t come to the principles office with a list of demands that must be met before he will begin to behave again. If a criminal were to show up at the police station with a list of demands before he would abide by the law, we would all laugh at him. However, because the UN and the rest of the world allow tyrant regimes to do as they wish, more and more dictators come to the UN with demands before they will act like a responsible, equal share holder in the world community.

This is the basic flaw with the modern Democratic Party and the UN. Both treat all individuals (except George Bush) and all nations (except the US) as equal. No matter how you treat others, or how bad your ideas may be, you can’t be called wrong. If you feel it is ok to deny the right of another race of individuals to exist, you’re not condemned and cut off from the rest of the world. You are allowed to present your ideas as if they have merit. If you funnel money, troops, and training into a war zone to kill American and International forces, the Iraq Study Group says the US and the world should negotiate with you and give you an equal share in the fate of your neighbors.

Until the UN or the world at large is willing to hold nations like Iran and North Korea responsible for their actions, these rouge leaders will continue to threaten other nations, kill and starve their own people, and grow fat off the weak knees of the world at large. Maybe we should just ask President Carter what to do.


Aurelius said...

I read an article a while back which said that North Korea's leadership needs the animosity of the west to maintain its isolationist stance. And it means they can blame the failings of their society on the evil Americans.
So by behaving like an obnoxious child, they maintain American hostility, and it helps maintain their power.
Of course, the only way the Americans can "win" in this scenario is wait for conditions to get soooooo bad in NK that the people despise their government more than the evil west.
Not a good option if you're just an average North Korean really...

Andy D said...

Yeah, things are really bad if you are the average North Korean. Most dictators stay in power by giving their people an enemy that is worse than them (North Korea and Iran are both good examples). By trying to get their people to hate a foreign enemy, the average joes don't think about how bad their own government is as much.

Of course that only works for so long. The cracks are starting to show up in Iran with the recent demonstrations and elections. When things are so bad that people are willing to risk their lives to protest, you know things are bad. The US needs to do everything in its power to support these dissidents and try to get their voice heard. Perhaps we can avoid a military conflict with Iran or North Korea if we can get the people to take care of their own government.