Friday, December 15, 2006

TIME Falls in Love with Ahmadinejad

I came across an article today on the Drudge Report that really shocked me. Time Magazine is running a second interview with Iranian President . That didn’t shock me. What shocked me was the opening sentence. Scott MacLeod writes, “In an exclusive interview, the Iranian President – and Person of the Year candidate – discusses his conference questioning the Holocaust, his letter to the American people and the state of his nuclear plans”. I was almost speechless. “Person of the Year candidate”? I couldn’t believe it.

President Ahmadinejad has been pursing nuclear weapons, he has said that Israel needs to be wiped off the map, and last week held a conference arguing that the Holocaust didn’t happen. Regardless of whether Time magazine makes him their Person of the Year or not, even listing him as a candidate soils the reputation of the other nominees and gives weight to everything Ahmadinejad has been saying.

Do the editors and writers of Time believe there was a Holocaust? Do they believe Isreal should be, “wiped off the map?” Would they like the nation of Iran, Hezbollah or Hamas to have nuclear weapons? I have been critical of the Iraq Study Group, but even they say that Iran has been aiding in the flow of arms and training into Iraq. I strive very hard on this site to avoid simply calling people or groups names, but what are the people at Time thinking?

Let’s take this scenario to its possible conclusion. Fast forward to the end of the year when Time announces that President Ahmadinejad is their Person of the Year, complete with flattering glossy photo on the cover. Forget what may or may not be said here in the United States. What will be said in the Middle East? In Iraq? In Iran? Ahmadinejad will hold that issue up for everyone in the Middle East to see and say, “See, even the American people believe Israel should be destroyed. Even the American people believe Iran should have nuclear weapons.” If you don’t think that will happen you are fooling yourself.

The terrorist and leaders in the Middle East pay very close attention to the American media. Even if Time is so short sighted as to not realize this, those in the Middle East will point to this designation of “Potential Man of the Year” and squeeze every bit of PR out of it they can. To list him as a candidate is irresponsible and aides our enemies. I believe in Freedom of Speech, and Time can nominate whomever they wish to. However, I think it tells the American public a lot about who Time is rooting for in the War on Terror.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. "Person of the Year" doesn't carry any sort of endorsement; it's an acknowledgement that the candidate is a newsmaker, for good or ill. Hitler won the "Man of the Year" award back in the 1930s.

Andy D said...

I see someone has found the greatest arguement in the world the famous, "You're an idiot" arguement.

First point: It doesn't matter what Time does or doen't intend, there will be many people who simply see Time endorsing Ahmadinejad. They won't know whether Time does or doesn't support him. They will probably assume he does.

Second point: I knew Hitler had at least been nominated. Then again, no one really took Hitler or his views on the Jewish people seriously either.

Andy D said...

As an update to this post, it seems Time has decided that everyone is a. I still feel that Time did more harm than help by naming Ahmadinejad as a candidate. Hopefully becuase of the somewhat week reception of the "winner" many in the Middle East will gloss over the nomination. I hope many here in the US remember his nomination for a long time to come.