Monday, October 02, 2006

The Evil Two Party System

I was at a bar this week with a friend. My friend turned to me and said, “I have a problem with the whole two party system.” Anyone who has read editorials in their local paper, has listened to radio talk shows, or even watched a little CNN or Fox News has heard this before. I have read different people attack the two party system for different reasons, but I haven’t seen anyone discuss what I think is the real problem with both Republicans and Democrats.

I believe the two party system in and of itself works. I believe there is a problem when both parties stop being held accountable by the “voting public”. If a representative says something or votes on something that upsets his constituents, I believe his phone and email should get really busy really quick. I remember as a kid hearing people talk about writing letters to the Senator or Congressman, or even the President. I don’t hear that very often any more. How many people reading this right now could get in touch with one of their representatives in the next five minutes if they wanted too?

Until we start calling Democrats and Republicans both on the sunshine they try to give us, I don’t think they will change how they operate. I think both parties would be a lot better off if they had to think about how their constituents would respond if they said something inane in public, or voted for that next big Congressional pay increase.

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