Friday, October 27, 2006

Book Review: Bankrupt (part two)

As requested, here is a more in depth look at Bankrupt by David Limbaugh. If you haven’t read my first entry on this book, now would be a good time to do that. Domesticateddog asked for more information on the book, and I am always happy to comply with those who leave messages on my site. In order to keep the post small, I will try not to repeat the information from my first review of this book.

Mr. Limbaugh starts with the argument that today’s Democratic Party has no morals, and nothing to contribute to the political discussion of the day. He then uses quotes from many prominent Democratic politicians, and articles from different liberals in the media to support his point. He has broken the book into three sections entitled The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party in the War on Terror, The Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party on Judges, Values, Race, and the Economy, and finally, The Roots of the Bankruptcy. As weighty as those titles sounds, the book is very easy to follow.

I am openly critical of the Democratic Party, and even I found quotes in this book that shocked me. I mentioned in my previous post that the book is extremely well researched. As an example, if you look up Nancy Pelosi in the index, you will find she is listed on 25 pages in the book. Some of the subcategories within her listing in the index are: George Bush, class warfare, Iraqi elections, Iraqi WMD, and values. In addition to the index, each chapter is meticulously footnoted. Many of the chapters have between 50 and 80 footnotes. Between the index and the footnotes, a skeptic could easily research if Mr. Limbaugh is taking any of the quotes out of context.

The book is 368 pages and as I mentioned earlier, is very easy to read. I would recommend it to anyone who likes to follow politics, or who wants to vote Democrat. I have enjoyed reading the book, and I mentioned that I had gone back to it a few times while researching political information. I wrote a blog on here about President Carter a little while back. As part of my research for that, I grabbed this book and thumbed through the President Carter quotes. I hope this helps, and if you are still not sure, buy it and tell me what you think of it.

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