Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chililng words.

I heard about this video on the radio this morning. This takes place at the University of California - San Diego. The student speaking is a member of the Muslim Student Association. David Horowitz is the speaker. The end of the clip is very chilling.

I don't know that words really do this justice. This is a real problem, and we must find a way to deal with it.


BunGirl said...

Wow. I would say she pretty much answered her own question there at the end. Just wow.

Andy D said...

That was the impression I got with a few of the comments she made earlier. I was still shocked with her final answer.

Will said...

Even for a person like me that is not that interested in the politics of this conflict, the final portion of the video was shocking. And nauseating. What hope can there possible be for resolution.

Andy D said...

Thanks for the comment Will, and I hope you keep coming by.

I think there is hope, but we need to recognize there are people out there that share this girl's views. We can't begin to address this issue without recognizing just how bad the problem is.