Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How's Your Obamacare?

Days since Obamacare became law: 1

Days left before the beginning of $500 Billion in new taxes: 282

How is your new health care?


BunGirl said...

You need to add "days left before anyone sees any actual healthcare benefits." I think lots of folks would be shocked to find out how long we'll all be paying for this insanity before anyone actually gets anything out of it.

the anonymous guy said...

Um, Bungirl, I think you need to reset your calendar.

Andy D said...

Perhaps BunGirl was referring to the fact that children with pre-existing conditions aren't protected until 2014. That's kind of a big deal since it's one of the big talking points the President used to try and sell this plan.

the anonymous guy said...

I see.

Even while you call the bill a *tyrannical* takeover of healthcare, you critique the bill because it doesn't regulate insurance companies *soon enough.*

You people are shameless.

Andy D said...

Anonymous, you can't be that dense.

This healthcare bill / law was sold as a national emergency. President Obama ignored the economy, and ignored the unemployment rate for a year and a half to get this thing passed...only to have many of the benefits not start till 2014. Now if the benefits won't start till 2014, why did we have to pass this bill now? Why couldn't we examine other options besides what Pelosi and Reid wanted?

Personally, I hope many of the "benefits" NEVER go into effect.

the anonymous guy said...

The hearings and debate over this set of reforms went on for *over a year* before becoming law and you need more time to debate?

Who are you calling dense?