Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Did Obama Lie, or is he Cowardly?(UPDATED) has a video posted on it's website today. The video shows candidate Barack Obama promising to show congressional health care debates on C-SPAN so that the voters can see exactly what deals are made and who is trying to protect the voters. The clip has him promising this eight times.

The Democrats have now passed a "health care" bill in both the House and the Senate. Traditionally, these bills would go to a conference committee made up of Republicans and Democrats from both the House and the Senate. This committee would iron out the differences in the bill, and present a revised bill to the House and Senate to vote on and send to President Obama.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are considering skipping this step, and conferencing behind closed doors with the White House on a "final bill". This would lock out Republicans and many Democrats. C-SPAN remembered President Obama's campaign promise, and wants to hold him to it. They have asked to broadcast the negotiations to the voters. So far the Democrats are claiming that they don't need to broadcast the negotiations because, "There has never been a more open process for any legislation in anyone who’s served here’s experience," (so says Pelosi).

During the Bush Administration, we were told daily that President Bush lied about any number of things. Where are those on the left who were constantly attacking Bush? President Obama appears to have lied now. Where are the calls from the left for an open and honest negotiation? Where are the snappy "Obama lied" chants? How do we know the politicians in Washington are looking out for the voters?

I have some liberal and left leaning readers. I also have readers who consider themselves moderate. How does this make you feel? Are you okay with the President making one promise on the campaign and ignoring that promise now that he is President? Where is the promised new day of transparency?


CBS News is running a news story saying that both Nancy Pelosi and President Obama support negotiations on this bill occurring behind closed doors. CBS ran this story as, "Obama reneges on health care transparancy". CBS also cited this as the President, "...breaking an explicit campaign promise."


pack04 said...

Well answer your final questions I don't feel anything about campaign promises being broke. I am not one of those people who believe and elected somebody on their "promises" especially bold faced lies. A president has no power to tell the congress how to act, he can request things. A president is not a supreme dictator. I do not believe that a president is allowed as much power that most, including a president, think they have. So when Mr. Obama made that statement I dismissed it and asked why did he not push for that as a senator when he had the ability to make that change.
With that in mind I think these broken promises should go a long way in bring him back to earth and realizing he is just a human to the large amount of people that thought he was something more than human or a typical politician.

What the true concern to me is that Congress is breaking their established rules and procedures for this vote. They tried to kick Mr. Wilson out of office last year for doing the same thing. Additionally this tells me they are scared of the general public on this bill. The town hall meetings this summer scared them. They want something passed without people knowing about it. That can't be good.

pack04 said...

I just had another thought on this.
Mr. Obama and people in congress are all for letting out our secrets, especially what happened during Mr. Bush's time in office. However they are not interested in letting information out on this bill. This does not make any sense at all. Actually it does. Letting the secrets out makes them look better, at least from their point of view and hide something that will make them look bad.

The real question I would ask is how does it feel to have your life controlled by people who's only concern is to keep their power?

Andy D said...

Pack, I think you make two excellent points. I also think a lot of people agree with your first point. However, I don't think we should allow elected officials to get away with breaking campaign promises. If President Obama ran on a new, more transparent government, we as voters (and especially you voters than supported him)should hold him accountable.

I would love to hear someone else's answer to your second point.

pack04 said...

Oh I think that people that fell for all the promises should hold them accountable. Plus I half way think WE, those that did not fall for the BS, should hold those that did accountable. Not sure how to do that but I don't completely blame Mr. Obama. Remember, we still have publicly elected officials. The responsibility and blame lay with us as well.

I don't think the president should have to promise to make the government more transparent. We as voters should demand that daily. I am proud that C-Span and others are starting to get fired up by this as well.

pack04 said...

Good news! I have learned, as a terrorist, what the Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, The Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation/Terrorist Screening Center, National Counterterrorism Center, National Security Agency and the National Security Staff have been directed, by Mr. Obama, to change to keep me off of airplanes. I shall now plan accordingly.

Bad News! As an American citizen I have absolutely no idea how my health care system will be changed, nor do I have the ability to know those changes until the law is passed.

By the way, that is a lot of government agencies to keep a person off of an airplane. That seems to not be an efficient way to do things.

the anonymous guy said...

I gotta mostly agree with Andy on this one.

I don't know if it's a lie, since it was a promise about something in the future. It looks like a broken promise to me (not that that's any better than a lie). I agree (with Andy and candidate Obama) that the thing should be open public viewing. I think the clip Andy links to is really important, and Obama ought to hear about it, a lot.

Notice that--on this issue of transparency--there is a lot of agreement across the political spectrum. Maybe that's a sign of progress for us as a country...? For this blog?

Andy D said...

I think it is a good thing. Look, I don't always agree with the Left, but this is an issue that has pretty generic support. Now we need Pelosi / Reid / President Obama to listen.

Patrick said...

Regardless of our stances on the healthcare bill, I am deeply concerned with how the entire process has been playing out. However, given the current political climate, I can see why Obama wants to keep Republicans from standing in the way of any bill.

However, what makes me turn a deaf ear to the Conservatives and Republicans is that during the Bush Administration, those on the right were basically doing what the left is doing now. It wasn't until election time that Republicans tried to distance themselves from Bush and claimed to create a "new" Republican Party. As with most of today's politicans, same s@#$, different day.

What bothers me most about the post though, is the use of the word cowardly towards Obama. I find it disrespectful, given that since you started this post, I've never heard your speak of Bush this way. I mean, you rarely disagreed with Bush Admin. policies on deregulation, and look where that got us. If you want to use the word cowardly, there's a fitting example. Not to be harsh, but you don't usually write in that tone, which surprised me. You're one of the few blogs I try to read b/c you don't usually take that route.

Andy D said...

You bring out some interesting points, Patrick. I will take them in reverse order.

First, I used the word cowardly because I believe that either Candidate Obama never intended to show healthcare debates on CSPAN, or he is afraid too now. Personally, I believe he was lying on the campaign trail and never intended to air anything on CSPAN. He certainly hasn't tried to get any of his "marquee" legislation in front of the American public in time for them to have input on it. So while I don't believe he is acting cowardly, I do believe he was lying a year ago.

Secondly, I believe you are right regarding how the Republicans acted when they were in power. I think that is one of the reasons they were defeated in 2006, and again in 2008. I intend to hold them to the same standards I hold the Democrats to now when / if they return to power.

However, this can be a dangerous argument. If one party got away with repugnant political maneuvering, should we allow all parties to get away with it? If a third party ever gets into power, will we allow them to behave the same way Republicans and Democrats have behaved, or will we demand more from them?

Patrick said...

I agree with you. We should hold both Dems and Repubs to the same standards. We have to show them that America is more concerned with our differing principles rather than our political affiliations.

pack04 said...
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pack04 said...

This is personally one of the worst statements I have ever seen anybody make:
"However, given the current political climate, I can see why Obama wants to keep Republicans from standing in the way of any bill."

There should NEVER be any understanding/accepting of reasons for keeping people who represent us our of discussion on bills that will affect us. Secondly, why the hell is Mr. Obama even involved with this? Does he not know his place? Does he not know his job? His job is not to work out details of legislation. If he wanted to do that he needed to stay in the Senate.

Patrick, you are correct in that Andy's blog is more harsh on Mr. Obama than he ever was on Mr. Bush. I think you are thinking that is because of the party differences. That might be true. For me however the harsh words that I have are not because of the party difference, they are the actions. Yes I do disagree with policies of Mr. Obama but I understand that, my opinions on topics was in the minority at the time of the general election. I can accept that, of course I don't like it but I accept that. This is different. Think about what is happening. People, that we asked to be our voice, are deciding YOUR future, YOUR life in secret. How can you not be anything but outraged!?!?

Patrick said...


There should NEVER be any understanding/accepting of reasons for keeping people who represent us our of discussion on bills that will affect us.

Remember, understanding is not the same is accepting. I understand the political games being played. It doesn't mean I accept them.

Secondly, Obama is not the first, nor will be the last President to be very involved in policy decisions deemed important to their respective administration.

And, of course, I respect and understand Andy's opinions. They are in some cases, not much different than mine. I state the different opinions on the administrations to illustrate my point. Republicans and Conservatives do not have all the answers to fix our country right now. Neither do Democrats. What's bad, is that none of the ones elected right now, want/will fix our country right now.

pack04 said...

So you accept somebody playing a game with your life?

The "he was not the first and wont be the last" and "oh that is just politics" is what is wrong with the people of this country and the total lack of care or want to be involved/pay attention. Responsibility falls to us.

"What's bad, is that none of the ones elected right now, want/will fix our country right now." AMEN!

Patrick said...

Remember, understanding is not the same is accepting. I understand the political games being played. It doesn't mean I accept them.

I just don't know how else to say it. I put a sentence in that states that I don't accept the political games, but am still asked about it.

pack04 said...

Just to be an understand that 2+2=4 but you also accept that 2+2=4. accept and understand can be one in the same...haha

Patrick I know what you are saying and I am sorry for railing on you like that. I know in this case for you accepting and understanding are different. I also understand why he did it but I do not accept it nor do I like that he did it.

Patrick said...


It's cool. It's a very volatile time for politics right now. Everyone is passionate about their stance, which I think is great.