Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Book Review: Ted, White, and Blue

My wife and I were watching Glenn Beck one night when Ted Nugent was on as a guest. The Motor City Madman was on the whole night talking about America, Politics, and our Society. During the course of the night, they talked about his book, Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, and I knew I had to read it. The book did not disappoint me.

This is not Ted Nugent's first book. It is his sixth. The book covers a wide range of topics, and is his personal manifesto. As such, he makes no apologies for anything he says in the book. Some of it is fun, some of it is insightful, and some people will be insulted by some of the stuff they read. The truth sometimes hurts. Through the course of the book, Mr. Nugent gives his recommendations and ideas on a number of issues including: Politics, Religion, War, Taxes, Immigration, Unemployment, and Global Warming. This is by no means and all inclusive lists. There are seventeen chapters in the book covering seventeen topics. Ted, White, and Blue also has a decent index, and thirteen pages of notes and references.

Ted Nugent surprised me by his depth of knowledge on a number of the topics. I am a supporter of nuclear energy, and believe we should be building more reactors. Environmentalists concerned with reactors always ask, "What will you do with the waste?" Ted Nugent has a great response:

"Another unfounded fear is based on the waste that nuclear power produces. The overwhelming majority of the waste from nuclear power plants could be stored in your backyard with no risk to you. It is totally harmless. You could pick it up with your bare hands and not suffer any ill effects. Of the remaining nuclear waste, most of it could be recycled and used again but peanuts-for-brains Jimmy Carter banned the recycling and use of nuclear waste in 1977. Fortunately, the American voters banned Jimmy in 1980. Carter's baseless decision means that all nuclear waste we have ever produced must be stored in a nuclear waste repository such as Yucca Mountain…"

According to the material cited in Ted, White, and Blue, there is enough nuclear waste material in the United States, that if recycled, could power every household in our country for twelve years. That sounds like a good idea to me. Another unique idea from his book revolves around two hot button issues: Health Care and Illegal Immigration. There are a number of different studies that try to calculate the health care costs to American Taxpayers for treating illegal immigrants in emergency rooms. If someone goes to a hospital and needs emergency care, they have to be treated, even if it is something minor like a hang nail or a cough. Someone has to foot the bill for this "free" health care. Mr. Nugent suggests deducting the cost of the health care from the foreign aid we would normally send to the illegal immigrants home country.

Ted, White, and Blue is a fun read. While it does talk a little about Ted Nugent's biography, it is really a discussion of solutions for current problems. I would highly recommend it as an entertaining read that may provide some unique view points and solutions you hadn't considered before.


the anonymous guy said...


Does the book have the part in it when he tells Obama to "suck on my machine gun," and then pretends to shoot the gun off?

I love a good patriotic read.

Especially when it's so different than those "fringe" people who talk about assassinating the president.

pack04 said...

I thought you were all for free speech...

Andy D said...

It looks like he was making some macho comments at a Rock concert. Go figure. I think if you take a step back and take a breath, he wasn't advocating killing Obama or Clinton.

the anonymous guy said...

@#$@#%, Pack. When are you people going to learn that criticizing free speech doesn't mean trying to outlaw it? I'm a frackin' liberal. Which means I fight to protect even the free speech of idiots with whom I disagree. Including Ted Nugent. I hope you don't want to arrest or censor everybody you disagree with...

And Andy, go ahead and test your theory. Try our country or any other. Get a few thousand people, pick up a machine gun, and then publicly tell the president of that country to suck on your machine gun. Even if you're also making weirdly compensatory lame sexual jokes, I'm confident you'll also receive a visit from the local version of the Secret Service.

But, in any case, I'm glad to get to know your intellectual mentors. Classy. Your party is disintegrating b/c of stuff like this.

pack04 said...

What exactly do you mean by "you people?"
Are you implying that because I am not a liberal I am not for free speech? I fight hard for freedom of speech too.
I get the feeling that you think you are better than me.

Do you read? Do you think? Or did you just see one thing, in this case Ted Nugent, and go off the deep end. I ask because I am wondering how a post that was summarized like this "I would highly recommend it as an entertaining read that may provide some unique view points and solutions you hadn't considered before." becomes the new Republican manifesto that will lead to the downfall of the party.

btw, I don't think the you people, by that I mean liberal, not really classy either.