Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pop Quiz

During a phone call today, my dad gave me a very interesting quiz. I thought I would share it with my readers and ask for your answers. All of the statements below are taken from the platform of an actual political party. Two "planks" to the platform have been withheld to keep the answer from being obvious. I encourage everyone to submit your guess in the comments section below.

Name the party with all of these positions:

  1. Expanded Federal control restricting power at the State level
  2. Anti-large corporation management
  3. Anti-large financial firms
  4. Pro-worker, pro-labor organizations
  5. Mandatory profit sharing in all large firms
  6. Expanded old age insurance
  7. National health care
  8. Total separation of church and state, and reduction of religion's influence
  9. Political correctness in speech, news, and media
  10. Expanded Federal involvement in schools and youth organizations
  11. Much tougher environmental laws
  12. Animal rights
  13. Prohibition of child labor
  14. Promote organic foods, vegetarianism, alternative medicine, natural healing
  15. Vigorous national anti-smoking campaign & restrictions
  16. Restore the nations international image abroad to the favorable place it occupied previously.

Send in your guesses. Even if someone has already guessed the party you thought, send it anyway. I will tally the results and post the correct answer during this week. Good luck!


chell12376 said...

I would guess Democrat, but I would also hazard a guess of Socialist.

the anonymous guy said...

Sounds like a contemporary neo-conservative description of the National Socialists (Nazis) to me.

I could be wrong but I'm guessing that you're setting up the logical fallacy of "Guilt By Association:"


a) Hitler had a mustache.
b) Eric Holder has a mustache.
c) Therefore Eric Holder has Nazi tendencies.

I assume you'll say something like "Nazis were against child labor, therefore liberals are like Nazis."

If that's what you're up to, it will be one more example of the intellectual collapse of the right wing into the deep hole that is Palinism.

But I hope I'm wrong.

pack04 said...

Damn anonymous guy can you give a simple answer? You talk about me being an angry person but look at your response, immediate defensive position. Could that be that you are embarrassed by the craziness of some of those ideas?

I believe the simple answer to your question Andy is Democrat.

I wonder what the Republican party's list would look like? Hell I wonder if they could even come up with a list.

Andy D said...

Actually, I have to give kudos to Anon guy. The list is taken directly from the National Socialists (Nazi) party, though many of the planks do sound like Democratic issues. I am not saying today's Democratic party is the Nazi party. I only posted the planks because I found it interesting how similar many of the issues the Nazi's believed in, today's Democrats also believe in. Yet when Democrats start calling names, they usually call Republicans Nazi's.