Saturday, September 20, 2008

Preparing for my Trip to Washington...

A few months ago I wrote on here that I am planning my first trip to Washington, D.C. I asked at the time for any suggestions on sites to see and things to do while in the capitol. I picked up a copy of Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation's History by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

The book looks like it will be a perfect tour guide to Washington, D.C. It is written as a walking tour of some very prominent places in the capitol. It has selected photos, and a map. While thumbing through my copy, I found a quote I thought I would share here.

"The rights of man come not
from the generosity of the state
but from the hand of God."

-President John F. Kennedy

Food for thought...


Christina said...

Andy, I have a book "God's Signature over the Nation's Capitol" by Catherine Millard. Book is older, (1985) but she founded Christian Heritage Tours, which conducts tours re/Biblical history in Washington, D.C.

Son-Rise Publications

I got my copy online, probably Abebooks or maybe,or

What's interesting to me is that she was born in France, but came here, and became a citizen and found Christ.

I'm excited for's a goal of mine, too.

Andy D said...

I will look for a copy of that, and may see if they are still running the tours in D.C., thanks for the advice. I am hoping that this will be the first of a number of trips, so I am making a list of the things I want to do now, and what I want to do the next time I go.