Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quick Notes - Political Friends Turns 200

This post is the 200th post on this site. I feel the website, my readers, and I have come a long way over the last 199 posts. I created this blog with the intent to provide a spot that people could discuss politics and solutions without the conversation breaking down into name calling. For the most part, I feel that I have done that. Some of the comments on my posts have taken the discussion in directions I never thought of. With all of this in mind, I present to you a "lessons learned from 199 posts" done in the Quick Notes format.

Global Warming. I never stop being amazed at how heated some of the comments are when I talk about global warming. I saw Charles Krauthammer on Fox News this week call himself an "agnostic on global warming". I think I am probably closer to a "global warming atheist", but I like his term for it. Anytime I write about global warming, I am guaranteed to get some very heated and passionate comments.

Obama. More recently, I have gotten some very passionate responses when I write about Obama. Obama appears to be the Democratic nominee, so I will probably be writing about him a lot between now and November.

Book Reviews. Some of the controls I have plugged into this site give me a lot of feedback. For example, I can see how many people are on my site in a given day, how long the average reader is here, and what sites they are coming from. What has surprised me is that my most heavily read posts are Book Reviews. I am glad, because I really enjoy writing about them, but I need to figure out a way to get more people to comment on them. My most heavily read post on this site is my book review of the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming.

Your Comments. I have also learned to be very thankful for my readers comments. You never really know when you write something what people are going to think about it. Some of the posts I have made in here I expected lots of comments on and got none. Others, I didn't expect any comments from, and got more than I could handle. So I am always excited to see what my readers think of each of my posts.

Thanks for the continued support. Now, let's go do another 200.


SomeGoSoftly said...

Congrats on your success!!

Andy D said...

Thank you. I am pretty proud of it. Maybe I can get to 300!

Senior Lady said...

I've been enjoying "Political Friends" for awhile now...guess it's time I joined in. Continued success!

Anonymous said...

You can't pin the blame for any one storm on global warming. But global warming increases violent weather and flooding. And the fields that produce a lot of my food just got flooded and destroyed in some nasty storms in the midwest.

So if I get a little "heated" sometimes about your do-nothing-about-global-warming posts, you can understand. It's personal. My food just got washed away.

But this is also about your food, and my neighbor's food, and the food of "the least of these," too.

Andy D said...

So you believe that floods and severe storms never happened before Global Warming occurred?

Anonymous said...


Not this fallacy again, Andy.

Just because people got lung cancer before cigarettes were around does not mean that cigarettes don't cause cancer.

That's just stupid. Now stop that nonsense.

Andy D said...

It's not a fallacy. Al Gore and others tell us that Global Warming will give us dire weather conditions. How many disasters are blamed on Global Warming? If you are going to blame a hurricane for forming because of Global Warming, can you prove it wouldn't have formed without Global Warming? And if we have had monster hurricanes in the past, won't we continue to have them with or without mans actions?