Thursday, October 18, 2007

Turkey Guilty (100 years ago)!

The Democratic leadership in the House is trying its best to disrupt our supply lines to Iraq and to alienate our largest Muslim alley in the Middle East. Why you may ask? They are doing it under the cover of addressing atrocities that are almost 100 years old.

In the early 1900’s Turkey (and much of the Middle East) was part of the Ottoman Empire. Prior to and during World War I, there was a systematic attempt to exterminate Christian Armenians by the Muslim government. Depending on the source, estimates range from 300,000 to 2 million Armenians brutally killed during this time period. Many scholars seem to take 1.5 million as the agreed upon figure. Many consider this genocide second only to the Holocaust. From 1919 to 1920, there were a series of military tribunals that sentenced many of the leaders responsible for the atrocities against the Armenians to death. Most of these sentences were reached while the defendant was in hiding and unreachable.

Currently Democrats, with some Republican help, have been trying to pass a resolution in the House condemning this activity and labeling it “Genocide”. The current government in Turkey has acknowledged that crimes were committed, but has refused to label it as genocide. Their arguments seem to be regarding the precise definition of “genocide”. Speaker Pelosi is trying to bring a House resolution to the floor for a full vote that would condemn Turkey for something that happened almost 100 years ago. Turkey has found this insulting and has recalled its’ ambassador to the United States.

While I agree that the genocide of the Armenians was terrible, and is something we should study to learn from, I question the motives behind the Democrats who want to bring this to the floor. Condoleezza Rice and eight other former Secretaries of State have sent a letter to the House asking for members to vote against this resolution. The Bush administration believes that Turkey may have two reactions to a condemnation by us, their ally. These reactions are in addition to the Democrats insulting our largest Muslim alley if the resolution were to pass. First, Turkey may begin sending troops into the Kurdish area of Iraq. The Bush administration has been actively working with Turkey to keep them from entering into Iraq. If Turkey were to send troops into Northern Iraq, it could hurt the success we have had in that area.

Secondly, and I think the real reason Democrats are behind this measure, Turkey may stop allowing our military to use their airspace and country as a supply route for our troops in Iraq. The Pentagon is already working on logistics in the event that happens. We currently have major supplies (including new, more heavily armed transports) coming to our troops through Turkey. If that supply route is disrupted, it wouldn’t be good for our soldiers, and for our war effort.

I can’t imagine a reason that House Democrats are pushing this issue at this time, other than to intentionally hurt our war effort. Many Republicans and Democrats have decided to vote against this issue after hearing about the repercussions. However, Speaker Pelosi and House Leader Steny Hoyer still intend to have a full vote on the measure by the end of the year. If the Democratic Leadership of the House is so committed to having this vote, are they also committed to doing whatever they can to hurt our war effort in Iraq? Do they really despise the President so much they would sacrifice our soldiers, and our nation, to simply spite the President?


Jayne d'Arcy said...

I'm just sitting here with my jaw in my lap. This is just beyond my comprehension that this is being done. If the democrats succeed, will they then go after Germany for the extermination of the Jews? Only seems fair. Insanity!

Brandon said...

I've got four quick reactions Andy.

1: Turkey's our ally, not alley. The way that you spelled ally makes Turkey sound like the largest street alley in the world. :)

2. I do agree with you that this resolution is a mistake. Genocide did occur, but under a completely different government. To condemn modern Turkey for the Ottoman Empire's evils would make about as much sense as condemning modern Russia for Stalins' or the czars' purges.

3. Turkey is going to attack the Kurdish Iraq regardless of the resolution's defeat or passage. The only way that I can see Turkey not invading is if the US agrees to send an Army or Marine brigade to wipe out the PKK.

4. I think that you're being a little paranoid about the Democrats using this resolution to hurt the war in Iraq. If they really wanted to hurt the war, they would have cut off the funding for the war or vote to limit troop numbers. The Democrats have been some the biggest supporters of getting MRAP vehicles to the troops, I doubt that they are now conspiring to deny the soldiers these life-saving vehicles.

pack04 said...

This is a simple thought, why are we even messing with this? Why is this important to be voted on? How would our congress react if Turkey decided to pass a resolution against us for slavery or what we did to American citizens of Japanese birth during WW2? We would get up in arms. Where are the votes on global warming or the impeachment of Bush? Democratic should be mad that they were lied to. Changes promised, votes gauranteed, laws enacted!!!! Nope we got a resolution on something a collapsed empire did 100 years ago!
Americans should be mad at this gross waste of time and money. And now to quote one of my most favorite "presidents", Andrew Shephard,:"We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who's to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections." And that is happening on both sides of the isle.

Kram said...

I don't understand the Lefts utter contempt for our military. I wish I did so that I could understand why they would try to be so sneaky, and try to cut off their supply lines. Would they even care about this if Turkey was not helping our military, personally, I doubt it?!

Like jayne said, what's next, the Germans... or, how about our own government for the near extermination of the "Native American Indians?"

I do believe that the legislation has failed to pass the house. I hope it's done for.

Andy D said...

Brandon, thanks for the critique. I can always use help. As for your point number 4, either the Democrats are intentionally trying to hurt the war effort, or they are incredibly stupid. If you think there could be something else driving this decision, let me know. I can't come up with anything.

Brandon said...

Andy: I honestly have no idea why Pelosi would be pushing this legislation now. I just think that it would be much easier for the Democrats to end the war than by backdooring the backdoor.

Andy D said...

It would be easier, but not necessarily politically what they want to do. If they simply cut off funding for the war, then any outcome in Iraq will be laid squarely at their feet. By trying to sabotage things, they can deny anything happening in Iraq is their fault.

Andy D said...

here is Charles Krauthammer's take. He believes that Pelosi simply doesn't know anything about foreign policy. In his case, he chooses stupidity over cunning to explain House Democrat actions.

Saint said...

I think the democrats are going after this for neither of these reasons. I think it is simply to make themselves look good. If they pass this, they can promote it as more proof that they are the party of human rights and look how much they care about everyone. And, it's incredibally safe for them. Since this happened 100 years ago, not a lot of people are going to go after the dems for taking this fight up.

Andy D said...

I think it says a lot that many Democrats have backed off this resolution. I also am worried by the ominous promises of the Democratic leadership to bring it back up.