Friday, March 09, 2007

Iraq the Model

I wanted to drop a quick note in here about a new blog I stumbled across. I saw an article from a site called Iraq the Model on Real Clear Politics. This blog is run by two brothers from Baghdad. In addition to numerous articles, the site contains many links to other Iraqi and Middle Eastern blogs. I have found the blog very interesting because it contains well thought out articles written about Iraq from the Iraqi point of view. Anyone interested in how the Iraqi’s view what is happening in Iraq, or want an unfiltered opinion of what is really happening in Iraq should check out Iraq the Model.


familyman said...

Just to balance things out a little.

Check out this blog by an Iraqi woman who's lived through the war in Iraq and who's got a somewhat less rosy view of things over there.

Simmons said...

You said you were a big fan of nuclear energy, so you might find this interesting:
Nuclear Power: Energy of the Future or As Bad As Fossil Fuels

Andy D said...

I am and continue to be a supporter of Nuclear Energy. While I don't believe Global Warming is a man made event, I do believe we can do things to help the enviroment. Nuclear Energy is one way we can produce, help the environment, and lessen our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil. I think we need more reactors.