Friday, February 23, 2007

A World Without America

This is from a British website that is trying to remind the world of the great things America has done. Enjoy:


familyman said...

That's interesting that it came from England. And I couldn't agree more. America has contributed so much good to the world.

It is interesting that they didn't have any examples of how the world would be worse off without America after 1999.

Epiphany11 said...

It's nice to see America portrayed in such a positive light by someone other than an American. America and her citizens are not infallible, but I do believe - achievements, failings, and reality tv aside - that at our core as a populous lies a great deal of heart.

Andy D said...

I think this is just one commercial in a series. It also looked like they did every 10 years, and 2009 hasn’t happened yet.

I agree with you epiphany. We aren’t perfect, but in the words of talk show host Michael Medved, we are the, “Greatest Nation on God’s Green Earth.”