Saturday, October 06, 2007

If I Had to Live one Day Over and Over

This is a going to be a different post. I am part of a mystery blog challenge. We were given a topic to write about and everyone has to post on Oct. 6th. Here is my contribution to the challenge. If you are looking for something political today, go check some of my links, or read my book review on Why We Fight. If you are willing to read something I have written that has nothing to do with politics, then sit back and take a look at this one. Let me know what you think. You can also read the other submissions, and vote for the best one here.

The last winner of this challenge picked an unusual topic. We are to write on, “"If your life were like Bill Murray's in Groundhog Day (where he lives one day over and over), which day would you want to re-live forever, and why?"

I have been thinking over this topic for the last couple of weeks. It would be a pretty difficult choice to make. I started thinking, “What day or event would I like to relive?” My daughter’s birth sounded like an interesting choice, but I am sure my wife wouldn’t want to live that day over and over and over. My wedding day was another one that jumped to mind, but the day leading up to the ceremony was actually pretty normal.

Maybe I should relive a specific birthday or Christmas. That sounded interesting, but besides getting the same presents every day, I thought it might get boring pretty fast. I could imagine a scene where by the 100th time I had opened the same present, I just started crying. That wouldn’t go over well with the giver of said present.

So I started thinking along a different line. What day would I like to relive something I did, or something I did with someone? As sappy as it sounds, I really enjoy being around my wife. Any day I have to relive over and over has got to include her in it. “So,” my thinking went, “what day have I spent with my wife that I would want to live over and over?”

And then it hit me. When we got married, we were living in Georgia. None of our family or close friends lived in Georgia. We decided to get married where my wife grew up, and our high school friends flew in for the wedding. The day after our wedding, instead of going away on a honeymoon (which we would do a few months later), we got up, and drove back to town to be with our friends. We spent the entire day surrounded by people we love who we never get to see.

Looking back, I don’t remember many of the things we did that day. However, I can recite the entire list of people who were with us. I think back on that day, and I remember how happy both my wife and I were. To be able to spend a day with our closest friends was an incredible joy for us. Now the choice seems easy.

If I have to pick a day to spend the rest of my life reliving, a day with my wife and my friends sounds perfect.

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Ghost said...

I hope you let your wife read this post. It's really a wonderful way to show her how much you love her. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jayne d'Arcy said...

It really sounds like it was the perfect day. Your wife is truly lucky to have you, you ol' softie.

Anonymous said...

Aren't days like that the best? When you get home and realize you've smiled the entire day away? Great post!

Anonymous said...

It touches my heart to see how you value and cherish your family and friends -- Love Aunt Tricia

Anonymous said...

I too hope your wife gets to see this. The cynic in me would tell you off for being so sappy but the tiny semblance of humanity I do have in my soul thanks you for sharing something so deeply emotional with us all.

Kram said...

Great post, Andy! A day like that should never be locked up in our treasure box of memories, thanks for sharing.

jml said...

What a wonderful thought! Spouse and friends, indeed, a great day, what could be better?

Anonymous said...

Good choice. Would you have your day start with "I've got you, Babe"?